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Everything you need to know about Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)


The Visa 408 can be a relief visa issue for those living in Australia due to the lockdown and their visas that have expired recently. In most cases, when your Australia visa expires it is mandatory to apply for another travel permit. This will allow you to stay in Australia with a flyover permit until the application is reconsidered or you decide to leave the country.

However, due to an illness that is fatal, a lot of people were unable to leave the country which is why it was introduced in order to allow people to stay legally in Australia. You have to be able to assist yourself, even if on a visa number 408, it is assumed that you also working in Australia or had the financial resources to sustain your stay.

What are the Features of Temporary Activity Visa?

This visa will allow entry into Australia for a short period of time to:

  • On the invitation of an Australian organisation, you can take part in the activities.
  • Join a staff exchange arrangement in order to be able to hold the position of a skilled worker.
  • You can work full-time at the Church.
  • Join as a member in the crew on a luxury yacht.
  • Participate or view the results of an Australian study.

With the approval of 408 visas will likely supply the need for an employee in the key areas since it is required in these times of an epidemic.

  • Covid 408 Visa Condition

It is only possible to be employed by the company that is you have listed on your visa in Australia. You cannot work for a different organization or work in a different place. You cannot work for yourself in the company of another. Seven days prior to the time when your Covid Visa expires it is mandatory to inform your department of your current residence to Australia with a written notice. The notice should be sent in writing to Australia’s Capital Territory’s Central Office of Immigration.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant

GTE can be a trusted method to make sure you that your temporary visa program is implemented as intended not as a way to continue to hold incomplete Australian citizenship in Melbourne. Temporary citizens are not able to extend the duration of their time in Australia for more than 4 years by applying on this type of visa.

The GTE is required for every temporary movement, 408 Visa Conditions. The person who approves the visa will assess whether the particular situation of the visa applicant indicates their intent for a temporary stay in Australia.

  • Financial support

You should be able to sustain yourself and any dependent family members that accompany you when you travel to Australia. A signed employment contract and bank statements or an official letter from your bank stating your financial status could be needed to prove the funds.

Other types of assistance from your employer like accommodation or allowances, can be taken into consideration when evaluating your ability to help yourself.

Important Factors to Apply for Temporary Activity Visa

To be eligible for the temporary the 408 Visa condition, you’d first have to choose which stream below you should apply for, since the eligibility requirements and needs differ.

  • Qualifications

It is possible to be asked to prove that you possess the relevant skills or qualifications to the purpose of your visit to Australia. For instance, if you perform your job as an religious worker or performing artist, you’ll be required to prove that you have relevant experience in the field.

  • Sponsorship

The best flow will require the support of an attractive foundation, organization or agency. It is different depending on the situation, such as having to be part of a specific administration with a specific program or a permit for home relations as a temporary sponsor of activities.

  • Financial documents

You need to demonstrate your capacity to provide for yourself and any household members that could apply to you. Your bank should allow you to provide financial statements and employment agreements.

If you’re applying along with your spouse or children, you will need to provide certain documents, like their identity, birth certificates or proof of relationship, forms 1221 and 47a, and related documents.

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