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What is the Qualification for a Temporary Graduate Visa?


Now, you are thinking and secretly desiring about how to elongate your living in Australia, aren’t you? Your wish is accepted. Temporary Graduate Visa 485 enables you to live and acquire work experience in Australia. Qualification Needs to be Met Prior to the Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Meet the Desired Study Requirement in Australia If Your Course:

  • Listed us in CRICOS.
  • Include at least 92 weeks of conduct in English.
  • Undertaken while in Australia on a valid student visa
  • There is no link between English language proficiency and enabling programs.

Qualification Criteria to Avail 485 Visa

  • The candidate must fulfil the study requirements in Australia.
  • The candidate’s age should be under 50.
  • In each of the four departments, the applicant must take an English proficiency test and score at least a competent level (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).
  • When he/she apply for the visa, the candidate must have a valid student visa or, if their student visa has expired within the last six months, a valid bridging visa.
  • Prior to the processing of the visa form, the student must pass a skill evaluation test for the occupation in question. (Workstream for graduate students)
  • Candidates should have valid health insurance and meet the necessity to stay in Australia.
  • Also, applicants must meet personality requirements.
  • They should not owe the Australian government any money.
  • A recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course is required of the candidate.

 Why a Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

It is the visa that is created for overseas degree holders who have finished at least two years of study at an Australian institution.

Grab this chance if you are an overseas student looking to prolong your stay in Australia. Also, familiarize yourself with the requirements for obtaining a temporary graduate visa 485. Candidates may, however, hold one temporary visa as a basic application.

The visa is split into two streams:

  • Graduate work

The candidates who have chosen an occupation in one of the skilled lists in Australia. They need to finish their education for at least two years in Australia. Also it is quite related to your chosen designation. The visa is valid for up to one and a half years.

  • Post-study work and the Second post-study work

The visa stream allows abroad students who have finished their bachelor’s degree or higher at an Australian education institution. They allow them to stay for up to 4 years and this stream does not need to choose an occupation on SOL (Skilled Occupation List). The duration of stay is between 18 months to 4 years, based on the graduation.

After a candidate completes their courses in Australia, our authority in the temporary graduate visa 485 can assist the job holder in obtaining an Australian visa. Get in touch with the right Migration Agent to process further correctly. You will benefit from their continual updates and substantial knowledge base, which we have accumulated through successfully processing hundreds of cases.

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