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Steps towards Permanent Residency with General Skilled Migration


If someone is looking to relocate, Australia has always been an ideal destination. The growing number of jobs in the country shows that Australia’s economy has been performing well, which is beneficial to the entire nation. Australia has a better standard of living as well as peace and tranquillity in a multicultural society.

Know the ways Pathways to PR Australia Recognize the Pathways to PR Australia to get Permanent residency Australia by 2022-23: Moving and visas are sometimes overwhelming and daunting. But, we’re here with one reason: this! Everything you should be aware of regarding Australia’s General Skilled Migration Program will be discussed in this blog post.

Pathways to PR Australia through General Skilled Migration

1.      Decide on a profession

It is the first thing to do is to find the job that is most appropriate to your previous training and experience. A list of jobs in specific list (MLTSSL, STOL, or ROL) maintained by Immigration could qualify for a general skilled immigration visa. It is helpful if you select a job which closely matches yours. It can be very easy for certain fields, but it isn’t so easy for other professions. ANZSCO occupation Description is an excellent resource for this.

2.  Skill Evaluation

You must receive an evaluation of your skills that is favourable before you can apply for the General skilled immigration visa. You’ll need these in order to be eligible on these visas.

Your professional and educational experience must be in line with Australian Standards, which are assured by the assessment of your skills. The assessment will have a specific talent assessor for each job.

For trade-related professions, Trades Recognition Australia will assess your skills. Engineers Australia evaluates the competence of engineers in their professions. Find a qualified skill assessor for your job in the relevant occupation lists. Following that, you must review the criteria used to assess your skills by visiting the web sites of assessors for skill.

3.      Verify State Employment Lists and Visa Requirements

This step is essential in the event that you are planning applying for this type of visa. State Nominated or Regional Nominated Visa. The governments of the State or Territory can select a visa holder to be employed in these positions when there is a shortage of qualified individuals in that particular field.

Each state could have the list of professions they wish to attract as well as specific qualifications required for these jobs. To determine which professions are needed and the prerequisites for each state It is helpful to go through the website pages for each state or territory listed below.

4. Submit points test or expression of interests.

It is recommended to file the Expression of Interest when you’ve completed a Full Skills Assessment and have viewed the listings of your state to confirm that you meet the criteria.

All applicants must pass points test before being invited to submit an application to be granted the visa. In order to submit your expression of interest to apply for general skilled mobility, you’d require 65 points, but typically speaking, the higher your total points is, the greater the likelihood that you will be invited.

To calculate your points, you can try an exam to test your points. You’ll be awarded points on the basis of aged, English proficiency, work history and education level, marital status and more.

5. Lodge Visa Request

If you are granted a state nomination, you can then make use of the account for your immigration accounts to file the visa application. You’ll need to provide your personal documents as well as proof of your education as well as proof of work history, etc.

I hope that this article will be useful to you. This is a concise explanation of a complex procedure. Be aware that this content is not specific to your situation. Thus, you should contact an accredited immigration company to review your situation in greater depth.


Because of the strong economy of Australia Graduates are seeking jobs following their graduation. Candidates are able to choose from many Pathways for PR Australia.

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