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process for the Partner Sponsorship

How long is the process for the Partner Sponsorship (Subclass 309) to Australia?


The process for Australian spouse visa applications is lengthy and complicated. Prior to making an application for the spouse visa you need to gather proof of all necessary documents and meet certain criteria for eligibility. The partner visa Australia is another term used to describe the Australian spouse’s visa.

The applicant who is the primary one, i.e., the Australian spouse, has to have the status of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. A visa for an Australia spouse visa allows you to take your partner (husband or wife) or your de facto partner (fiancé and/or an unresolved relationship) in a committed relationship to Australia.

The requirements for eligibility for a Partner Visa Australia

  • The most important prerequisite for getting a Partner Visa Australia is that the relationship be long-term and legitimate.
  • Your spouse and you have a shared residence.
  • You must be married during the last year.
  • You must be able to meet the requirements for health and character.

The Application Process to apply for Partner visa Australia:

  • Step 1: Collect the documents you need: You must be ready to get any document needed to aid in the process of obtaining an immigration or visa.
  • Step 2. Make an application for the Australian partnership visa. You have to submit an online application for a partner visa. The fees must be paid in cash and retain the official receipt after you have submitted your request for a partner visa.
  • step 3. Demand an answer from the DHA The DHA will take some time to consider the application of your partner visa after the application is submitted.
  • Step 4: Wait for approval.

Once you’ve been granted DHA acceptance, you are able to get your visa and start your journey. It is crucial to keep in mind that obtaining a spouse’s visa could take up to a longer time or even a whole year. This is why it is recommended that you begin your application as soon as you can.

Australia Partner Visa Types:

  1. Provisory partner Visa (Subclass 309)
  • Type of visa Type of visa: Temporary visa
  • Subclass 100 visa Subclass 100 visa can be utilized to gain a permanent Residency.
  1. Visa as an ongoing partnership (Subclass 100)
  • Type of visa Permanent visa
  • It is possible to make an application for the visa no later than two years following the date you received you Subclass 309 temporary visa.
  1. Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820)
  • Type of visa Type of visa: Temporary visa
  • The Subclass 801 visa may be converted into Permanent Residency.
  1. Visa as a permanent partner (Subclass 801)
  • Type of visa Permanent visa
  • You are able to make an application for the visa no later than two years following the date you received you Subclass 820 temporary partner visa.
  1. It is the Finance Visa or Prospective marriage visa (Subclass 300).
  • The type of visa is: Temporary non-immigrant visa
  • A visa permits you to remain within Australia up to nine months.
  • In Australia it is possible to marry your spouse.
  • You could then apply for a temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820).
  1. Visa for Dependent Child (subclass 445)
  • Type of visa Visa for temporary use
  • After the visa is granted, you are able to add your dependent child to Subclass 100, or 801, on you for a permanent partner visa.

Selecting the right visa type is crucial since it directly impacts the approval or denial of your visa. When you start the process of applying for visas ensure that you consider the entirety of your personal profile, as well as the profile you have for your partner.

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