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border reopen for international students

Australia Soon to Reopening International Border for Students


Eight months have already been passed since Australia’s Government had shut their international borders to those holders who have temporary visas. It includes international students with their student visas in order to control the COVID-19 outbreak.

Some of the students cannot complete their remaining studies during this situation, and some are stranded outside. In contrast, others are exhausted from prolonged waiting and deferring the start date of the university curriculum.

We profoundly perceive the students’ despair and how devastating the situation could be due to international students’ closing borders. But the Acting Minister of Immigration has recently proclaimed the reopening of Australia’s international border for students by the middle of 2021. Mr. Alan Tudge has also announced that the Australian Government will gradually reopen its international borders for overseas students. Therefore, it becomes a significant reason to be happier for those hapless students who have been going through a lot those days!

Australian International borders are reopening for students “slowly yet unwaveringly”

On 20th March 2020, Australia shut all the central international borders upon arrival of the international students, sans New Zealand citizens staying in Australia. Based on today’s news, Australia unwaveringly showcases a deteriorating trend in a new strain of COVID-19 cases. Therefore, Immigration minister Tudge stated that Australia is diligently working towards reopening the borders gradually but indeed by setting up ‘travel bubbles’ disposition with comparatively lower-risk countries.

International borders of Australia are reopening, so gear up with your PTE Scores

International students are waiting for the border to reopen for longer days, and it is gradually reopening. If you are considering overseas studies, PTE can be your key to the golden chance of studying in Australia.

Because of the slacking of COVID-19 impediments, the PTE Academic exam wasn’t being conducted in many centers. However, students should now consider taking up the exam as the universities will demand proof of their English proficiency as soon as they re-open.

In fact, students have considered the same already.

Overseas candidates’ demand to book an appointment is significantly high, and exam takers are now notified to click here regularly to check the test centres and price. All the examination centres have been reopened, adhering to the rigid guidelines with local body requirements along with adequate health and safety measures.

About the acceptance of PTE Academic Exam Score in Australia

As PTE academic test is accepted by the leading Australian government, being a specific proof of immigrants and students English proficiency for all the major visa categories. Therefore, student Visa application is passed or rejected on English Proficiency test’s score too. However, PTE applies to 27 visa categories.

If you want to get a profit from this situation of border reopening, in the case of a student visa, you need to crosscheck the DHA requirements. While applying for an Australian student visa, you need to possess a 30 PTE score in a functional area, 36 score in a vocational area, 50 scores in a competent area, 65 scores for a proficient area, and 79 scores for superior point tested skilled visas.

Nevertheless, as the PTE exam score remains valid for 2 years, if you have ever cleared the exam before the border closes, make sure to apply for your preferred Australian university to evade score lapse. On top of that, universities demand different PTE Scores. So, some of the universities’ cut off marks are shown below:

  • Ryerson University – 60 and more
  • The University of Sydney – 57 and above
  • Dalhousie University – 60 and more

Travel bubbles arrangement for international students

Recently, Australia has taken up a vital step towards its cumulative reopening of the international border by fetching some temporary proficient migrants on a significant priority listing and inaugurated the bubble arrangements. However, Victoria will again intake overseas students from 8th April 2021. At first, Victoria will allow 800 passengers a week prior to increasing the numbers up to 1120 people.

The leading reason for such an arrangement is to bring back those stranded international students as universities are drastically affected by continuous delays in getting students. Being the fourth-largest educational industry, Australia is soon going to start to reopen its borders to bring $39 billion to its economy.


Australian Government had closed the international border for the foreign before. They were developing an adequate plan to set up and fund dedicated quarantine amenities to permit overseas students to fly in.

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