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Important Steps Follow to Apply for Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408 Australia


Australia Subclass 408 visas are granted to individuals who visit in the Commonwealth of Australia to perform tasks or other activities for a limited time. The Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne permits families to travel to the person applying for. Many streams of work and activities are covered under this category, and the validity and duration of the visa will depend on the option chosen for the application.

How To Apply for Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne?

There are many requirements in order to obtain the Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne. This particular visa requires the sponsorship of an individual from Australia and the sponsor has to pass an interview or a sponsorship test, based on the duration and the type of visa that is preferred.

After the Department accepts the procedure of the process of Affairs the sponsor can arrange for the visit of the applicant. The first step is to get the required documents according to the flow, and after that the applicant must follow the specific steps required to apply for the specific visa.

Steps Involved in Applying for Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne:

These are the steps vital to applying for temporary Activity Visa Melbourne. The steps comprise

  • The user must register an account with ImmiAccount to use it. It’s accessible online
  • Log in to the account by entering the necessary information.
  • Upload the necessary documents according to the instructions
  • Then, you can apply to be a visa holder by paying the visa fee

The visa is processed after the application is submitted successfully. So, it is essential to submit the application truthfully and precisely. A poorly completed or incorrectly filled out application could be the reason for the delay of the visa or even rejected. Additionally, the refusal of the visa could influence the application for visa in the future.

Eligibility Factors for Applying Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne:

The applicant may seek a temporary visa after determining the eligibility requirements. The factors that are eligible comprise of

  • The applicant should have support when applying in a country other than Australia for less than 3 months.
  • The applicant needs an official sponsor if the applicant comes from Australia for more than six months.
  • The applicant has to be of the required age according to the stream
  • The applicant has to be compatible to the character and health requirements
  • It is crucial to get medical insurance in the country of your origin to cover costs

Other than the above-mentioned elements Apart from the mentioned factors, here is the main eligibility criteria that are applicable to all streams.

1. Special Program: The specific Visas are granted to take part in various programs such as cultural enrichment, youth exchange community programs as well as foreign exchange programs, and many more. This visa will be valid for 12 months.

2. Religious Work: This visa allows for participation in spiritual works of religious institutions or religious groups in Australia. The visa is valid over two consecutive years.

3. Research Activities: A visa permits the applicant to engage in research projects in research projects or institutions, and lasts for two years.

4. Invited Participant: This visa permits the person to travel to the country for reasons such as events in the field of sports, festivals, and other events upon invitation. This particular visa is valid for three months.

5. Sporting Activities: The visa permits applicants to travel to Australia to coach, play or participate in training for sporting teams throughout Australia. The visa is valid for two years.

6. Entertainment Activities: This visa is available to those who work in the entertainment industry. the visa is valid for two years.

7. Superyacht Crew: This visa permits the applicant to be a Superyacht crew member within Australia the visa is valid for 12 months.

8. Exchange Arrangements: This visa permits applicants to be a part of programs for staff exchange in a variety of Australian institutions. The Visa is good for two years.

9. Australian Government-endorsed events the visa is available to entrepreneurs who participate in promoting innovation in South Australian events. The visa is valid for the time of the event or it’s valid for a period of four years.

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