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How do I prepare in advance for Australian Partner Visa 820/801?


The Partner Visa Australia 820 as well as the Partner Visa 801 are the ones that are requested the most frequently. If you’re married to, or have the actual relationship of or in a relationship with an Australian citizen.

Australian permanent residents or qualified partner visa Australia that is of the same or opposite sex, are can apply for the partner visa 820 or 801 for living along with your spouse, or your partner in Australia as permanent residents.

This visa permits you to reside within Australia with your partner or spouse regardless of whether you belong to the same gender or opposite gender.

You can make a joint Application for the Subclass 820/81 partner visas in Australia simultaneously when you already live in the country and hold an actual visa that is valid.

Even if an applicant is not currently holding an authentic permanent visa, they might still be eligible for an 820 or Subclass partner visa to Australia. Contact us for further details.

If you’re located outside of Australia and are not a resident of Australia, you won’t be eligible to apply to receive an offshore Partner Visa until you have been into Australia and settled in Australia. It is also possible to apply to apply for offshore Partner Visas (Subclass 309/100) as an alternative.

Applications for Partner Visa Subclass 820/801 Australia

Although the applications for both the Subclass 820 Visa and the 801 Visa (onshore Partner visas) are filed simultaneously The evaluation and the grant of these visas takes place in two different phases for relationships that do not considered long-term partners.

At minimum two years have passed from the date of the application for the Subclass 820/801 partner visa, the process of processing the Subclass 801 Partner visa Australia (Permanent) visa will be completed.

This ensures that the sole person who qualifies to for becoming an Australian permanent resident is in an actual and committed relationship. A long-term relationship between a partner is a relationship that has been in existence for at minimum some of these times

If There Isn’t Any ID Participation in The Partnership

People who are admitted to the country under the subclass 300 prospective marriage visas must be married to the person sponsoring the visa and can apply for an onshore partner visa within 9 months after obtaining the visa. Below is a listing of some benefits of this method:

  • In the meantime, while they await their Subclass 820 or visas to be processed, applicants for partner visas are allowed to live in Australia along with spouses who are Australian spouses.
  • Most of the time applicants for a visa for a spouse is allow working in Australia without having to meet any restrictions.
  • The processing time for partner visas 820 and801 With an Average Processing Time of 2022

This Is an Illustration of The Present Normal Processing Times:

The time to process the Visa for a Temporary Partner 820 Visa is about six months for about 25% of all visa applications. 11 months for around 50% of all visa applications. seventeen months for around 75 percent of Visa applications and 23 months for about 90% of all visa application.

Permanent Partner 801 Processing time for visas can take 81 days for about 25% of all visa applications. 5 months for roughly fifty percent of the visa applicants, 9 months for about 75 percent of visa applications as well as 18 months for about 90% of all visa applications.

The time it takes to takes to finish an application could differ significantly from one person to the next and is not limited to the specific circumstances of the sponsor and applicant as well as the merits of the application submitted for approval by Department of Home Affairs. Department of Home Affairs partner visa Australia.

A majority of applications handled at times which are faster than the normal processing time.

If you’d like to be sure that your visa application is be processed quickly and you would like to ensure that your application is submitted in the finest quality.

We recommend you contact our experienced Register Migration Agents to manage your documents.

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