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Complete Guide to Apply for Student Visa Australia

Complete Guide to Apply for Student Visa Australia


Do you plan or mean to apply for an Australian student visa? There are a few things to keep in mind when registering for a student visa in Australia as an Indian student. With the implementation of the SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) on July 1, 2016, a student visa can only be sought based on new authority rules. As a result, all students will need to apply for their Subclass 500 visas as soon as possible.

The process may appear perplexing at first, and there are numerous requirements to consider, but if you’re organized and keep watch on what needs to be done, you’ll be OK and face no problems. Are you looking for information on how to appeal for a student visa Australia? We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about Australian student visas.

Things to Know About Australian Student Visas

• Eligibility Requirements

Students enrolled in full-time courses should apply under Subclass 500, whereas students enrolled in distance learning or part-time courses are not eligible.

• Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement

All overseas students must submit a GTE statement, often known as an integrity evaluation while applying for a student visa Australia. This is one of the Visa requirements, demonstrating that you will be visiting Australia for a limited time and just to study.

The statement must be written in English and backed up by proof. Generic statements will not be taken into consideration by the Australian regime if they are not backed up by proof.

• Visa evaluation

Visa applications are evaluated based on factors such as the economic situation in your home country, probable possibilities in Australia, the value of a chosen future course, immigration history, and other relevant factors.

• Health Check-up & Insurance

You should show proof of your good health and medical status. Only impaneled doctors are permitted to offer a certificate in this regard. Indian students must submit chest x-rays to show that they are free of tuberculosis.

You can request this check-up either before or after you start the visa application process. Getting it earlier, on the other hand, will need speedy processing. You’ll also require OSHC or health insurance for regular check-ups. You should keep this for the entire duration of your visa.

• Character Certificate

All students must provide proof of their good character, which includes no criminal charges against them and verification that they have never been deported from Australia before.

Cost to stay in Australia

The cost to study in Australia depends on the education provider, your location and the level of study you choose. The average living cost helps you determine how important it is to prepare financially. The main applicant visa cost is AUD630 unless they are free from.

Also, additional charge for each family member who applied to this visa. you need to pay other costs for health checks, biometrics and police certificates too.

The education costs depend on the degree or level of study you choose. The travel expenses from public transport approximately cost you $30 to $60 per week or if you own a car it might cost you $150 to $260 per week depending on your use.

The yearly living costs for students AUD 21,041, For partners coming with you AUD 7,362 and if any child then it cost you AUD 3,152.

• Post-Study Employment Options for Students

The candidate with a student visa Australiacan work part-time for around 40 hours every two weeks. On holidays or breaks, students can work without constraints on the number of hours they work. However, they cannot work until the course begins.

The restriction will not apply when a case study is needed as part of the course. The applicants in the Postgraduate Research Sector will be permitted to work on an unrestricted number of hours at the beginning of their doctoral thesis or research project. Once they finish their education in Australia they can apply for post-study work allowed through the stream graduate. Students who enroll in ELICOS are not permitted to appeal for post-study employment permission.

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The exhausting, time-consuming, and lengthy process to apply for a student visa Australia. But, it’s quite simple if you are well prepared in advance or at least six months before your course begins. Ensure you stay as organized as possible and follow the steps of DHA. That’s it!

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