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Trade Courses in Australia

Trade Courses in Australia

Do you want to pursue a trade course in Australia? If your answer is yes then keep reading further to know about trade course Australia. These courses have a wide scope and you will have a great and successful career. In this article, we have included different types of famous trade courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Here online you’ll find the latest training courses for Australian tradies — construction industry White Cards, high risk work permits, mechanical trades, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, furniture making — it’s all here. Have a look now.

Course Length

It takes 1 or 2 years to complete

Learning Method

Majority in-class study and practice 360 hours of vocational placements on site

Qualification Obtained

Cert III in your Selected Trade Course

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➤ Have graduated year 10 in your home country
➤ Have a minimum of IELTS 5.5 overall.
➤ Be prepared to complete a 360 hour of vocational placement or work experience

Educational Pathways

➤ You’ve higher chances of getting carpentry job in Australia as it’s the most demanding job in the State.
➤ Trade course is on the top of Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List.
➤ You can get this certification without any employer sponsorship or having to live in a specific region of Australia.

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This course is for individuals who need a profession as a carpenter and wish to work in the construction business. You will figure out how to deal with carpentry materials, perform setting out, do estimations and calculations, read plans, destruction methods, and many more.

Wall and Floor Tiling

This course covers normal abilities for the construction business, just as an expert field of work. After fruitfully completing this course, students will be able to:

➤ Read and decipher plans and particular
➤ Use wall and floor tiling instruments and hardware
➤ Fix walls and floor mosaic tiles
➤ Apply waterproofing process to interior wet regions

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Painting and Decorating

This is an incredible way of starting your career inside the building business. With the help of this course, you will acquire the important abilities and information to work in both business and residential settings. You will figure out how to apply paint, surface coatings, wallpapers, and you will be able to deal with painting materials, use painting and decorative tools, remove doors, etc.

Solid Plastering

This course will give the abilities needed to embrace a scope of strong solid plastering. This course will likewise cover the main abilities that you need in any construction industry which you can use for your future profession.

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Automotive Electrical Technology

This capability will empower the students to work inside the automotive trade industry. You will be able to repair all parts of both early and current vehicle parts, wiring, lighting, etc. You will figure out how to analyze and fix charging circuits, beginning circuits, and their significant components. Some topics in this course are:

➤ Service and repair
➤ Starting motors
➤ Electronic systems
➤ Electrical systems
➤ Ignition systems
➤ Charging systems
➤ Air-conditioning systems
➤ Instruments and warning systems

➤ Batteries
➤ Engines
➤ Soldering
➤ Diagnostics
➤ Communication
➤ Workplace tools and equipment
➤ Environmental regulations in the automotive mechanical industry

Bricklaying/Block laying

Blocks are utilized in practically all houses in Australia, either as a veneer or in strong block development. The Certificate III in Bricklaying/Block laying course will encourage the ability to securely work with blocks and squares to make walls, steps, columns, and many more. After completing this course, you will be able to work as a bricklayer.

Instrumentation and Control

Instrumentation and Control is the study of process automation and is the future of numerous industries like waste management, water management, oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical, automotive, cement, paper industries, and so on. This course gives skills to choose, install, set up, test, find issues, fix issues, keep up with systems, and many more.

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Automotive Mechanical Technology

Automotive Mechanical Technology

The design of the course gives understudies a sound comprehension of the vehicles’ development, component identification, and operating standards. Students will be in demand in the following areas:

➤ Automotive analyst
➤ Field service operative
➤ Team leader

➤ Workshop manager
➤ Service advisers
➤ Service managers
➤ Work with positions at a Paraprofessional level


Joiners typically work in a joinery shop, manufacturing detailed joinery parts for utilization in construction projects. It will help you in commercial projects as well as in residential projects.

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Engineering (Fabrication Trade) Boilermaker/Welder/Fabricator

Fruitful fulfillment of this course will give you an entry into the designing field. This course will empower you to work inside the metal, designing, manufacturing, and related enterprises. Some topics of this course are:

➤ Perform engineering measurements
➤ Perform computations
➤ Apply quality systems
➤ Interpret technical drawing
➤ Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
➤ Use power tools and handheld operations
➤ Apply safe welding practices

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These are the trade courses that you pursue to have a successful career. We at Pathway Education are working to ensure that you have a successful career. So, we will help you in choosing a course that will add a lot of value to your qualifications. For more information on trade courses Australia, please contact us.

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