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Study VCAL Courses for International & Overseas Students

There is a lot of difference between studying in a degree course in an institutional environment and working in a professional ambience. Many brilliantly skilled students fail to establish their credibility in their relevant workplace just because they are not able to adjust to the new professional atmosphere.

Lack of work-related experience, practical knowhow, self-confidence, and employability skills can lead to a lot of trouble for anyone.

Pathway Education coordinates with Victoria University to provide students the best Victorian Certificate of Applied learning courses Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine to help them to build their confidence and excel in their professional life by learning various interpersonal and work-relevant skills.

Cheapest VCAL program for overseas students in Adelaide delivers the desired knowledge and grooming techniques with a variety of apprenticeships, traineeships and workshops programs.

Developed in three basic levels of learning programs – Fundamental, Intermediate and Senior Levels-the Victoria certification program of applied learning courses helps you to develop:
Literacy and Numerical Skills
Work Relevant Skills
Industry-Specific Skills
Personal Development and Employability Skills
Leadership and Decision Making skills

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How do you apply for the Vcal courses for International students in Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine?

How do you apply for the Vcal courses for International students in Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine?

1. VCAL is registered under the authority of the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority (VRQA). Check out the website for a clear understanding and knowledge from their Information Sessions.
2. Successfully Complete the Core Skills Diagnostic Test and fill up the first page of the enrolment form
3. Talk to your course coordinator and you will get a letter of offer, a copy of which needs to be sent to the school
4. Book your seat at the enrolment hub for final confirmation and Pay your fees online
5. Attend the Orientation Session for further information


Eligibility Requirement if you wish to study VCAL course for International students

Candidates must be at least 15 years old by/on the January 1st in the year of applying for the course
Participants must have a minimum of level 2 in literacy skills and level 1 in numeracy skills in the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF)
Individual Interview is compulsory of the applicants

Course Overview for Everyone Planning to Study the best Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning Courses Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine

If you desire to achieve the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning course (Senior) then there are some specific course requirements that you need to fulfil. They are:
1. You must be able to successfully complete a learning course that comprises at least 10 credit points.
2. Must complete Stage 1 of the learning course before moving onto Stage 2 of VCAL.
3. The learning module must also contain curriculum components with a minimum credit point of one.
4. Successful completion of Stage 1 comprises scoring credit points in basic educational units – literacy, numeracy, personal development and work-related skills

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Future Career Prospects if you study vcal course for International students in Melbourne

Accredited by Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) Senior is a senior secondary certificate of education that is recognized by companies all over the world.

VCAL modules consist of various learning skills and work-relevant knowledge that helps students to find and explore their strengths in the industry they wish to build their future. Developed with four fundamental strands – literacy, numeracy, work-related skills, industry-specific skills and personal development – the VCAL program is designed to prepare students with a real-life experience of professional workplace culture and the basic requirement to grow in their relevant industry.

Apart from these, students can also opt to choose to study vocational education and training (VET) along with the VCAL course to chase the pathway of higher education and future success.

How Pathway Education can prove to be your best partner to choose the cheapest VCAL program for overseas students in Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine?

There are many reasons why our clients keep coming back to us with various services related to education and skill development programs for overseas students. Some of them include:
We offer Comprehensive Admission, Visa Processing and Migration Services
Our Services come in Affordable price ranges
No Scam – Certified and Licensed company
Experienced Team of Service Representatives
Huge Network Connection for Quick and Effective service delivery
Delivering Complete Customer Satisfaction For Decades
Ensured Safety and Assured Confidentiality of Information Provided.

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