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Study in Melbourne & Gold Coast for Overseas Students

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An invincible mindset for higher studies can help you concentrate better in your studies and get remarkable grades.
But getting admission into a classical university to study in Australia for overseas students and obtaining a student visa at the same time is not an easy task.

It is even more difficult for overseas students as getting enough information and selecting the right institution and course from numerous other courses and institutions is a hazardous task which involves a lot of money and one little mistake can make you pay a dangerously higher price with your life and career.
We, at Pathway Education, help you process your dream in a fulfilling and comprehensive manner by considering your knowledge background, educational qualification, passion, intelligence, budget, future goals and more.

Why Australia?

Australia has given us many brilliant scholars, researchers, scientists, and various talents in the past several decades. Credited with many novel and useful discoveries like penicillin and immunological tolerance, Australia has always maintained their tradition of quality education and a world class research and development unit that is always ready to welcome new talent from all over the world.

Australia is continuously taking initiative to improve the quality and standard of their education and plans to stimulate economic and scientific development in the next five years. Some of their productive initiatives include:
Australia’s Ability Initiative invests 2.9 billion AUD to fund economic and scientific research work in next five years
140 million AUD will be spent to establish Federation Fellowships which intends to recruit high class researchers to work in Australia that will also include five high-profile, non-Australian overseas researchers in the team.
With 35 research centres and key centres of teaching and research, Australian universities owns the crown of the most renowned and prestigious home for undergraduate, postgraduate and specialized professional degree courses in various fields.
Additionally, Australia has invested in building 63 cooperative research centres to conduct joint research among universities and private industry.
If you are planning to study overseas student courses in Melbourne and Gold Coast college, Australia is the best place to provide the most amount of diverse research courses in various industries like health, agribusiness, information technology, manufacturing, sustainable energy, mining and minerals, space, environment and natural resources.


Application for Institutes to Study in Australia for Overseas Students

At Pathway Education, we understand your concerns and always try to implement programs to help you get an admission in the most convenient and effective manner.
The primary steps involved in the process comprises of:
1. Firstly, you need to receive and accept an offer letter from the desired Institution
2. The second step involves submitting a correctly filled application form to the Institution
3. Select the preferred course and institution.
4. Receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) in an electronic format.
5. Apply for Your Student Visa

Mandatory Required to Apply for the International Course and Visa

Standard Educational Qualification
Flair in Oral and Written English Communication
Documents stating the funds details supporting your Education in Australia
In case you opt for an overseas student course in Melbourne college, health checkup and associated medical documents are mandatory.

Why choose to study in Melbourne or Gold Coast, Australia for overseas student?

The learning ambience in Australia is one of the world class environments that expands your horizon and helps you to learn, grow and build a future that is fulfilling and rewarding. When you take an admission to study in Melbourne or Gold Coast for overseas students, you will join a team of thousands of pupils like you coming from different countries-some from your own country as well- with various cultures, habits and behaviors. It will help you make new friends, know the world and also improve your moral, psychological and social skills.

You will get the opportunity to collaborate and work with talented scholars, researchers, classmates, instructors and more. Studying in Australian institutions will not only bring out your best potential but also prepare you to face the real world in the future.

Look at Our Past Statistics with Overseas students living in Australia

With recent surveys conducted to know about the lifestyle of International students living in Australia, here is the current results:
86% of International students responded as ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their experience about studying in Australia
88% responded they are satisfied with their lifestyle in Australia
87% responded satisfied about their overall experience about living in Australia.

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