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Study Professional Year Program at Accountants Resource Centre

Pathway Education has been serving clients from all over the world to help them get what they deserve. If you are an accountancy student and wish to pursue a degree from an Australian institution, then you deserve one of the best institutions to study professional year program at Accountants Research Centre.

Working with an excellent team of qualified educational consulting agents, we at Pathway Education recognise your skills and guide you through the various admission formalities to study in the cheapest professional year course study at ARC.

Considering your previous educational qualification, capability, funding possibility and learning ability, we help you get admission at the right course along with authorized visa processing and migration services.

Course Fee if you opt in Professional year In Accounting - Pathway Education & Visa Services

Accountants Research Centre and its attributes to offer cheapest professional year course study at ARC

Accredited and registered under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Accountants research Centre is a globally recognised institution that provides specialised training and assessment programs in small business and financial management.

Exclusively designed for accountancy graduates, the professional year course is aimed to prepare every aspiring student to face the demands of the accounting organization and produce notable and experienced industry experts.

Professional Year In Accounting - Pathway Education & Visa Services

Course Details You Need to know if you choose to study professional year program at Accountants Resource Centre

The course extends to a period of 44 weeks
Located in Melbourne, Australia, the professional course in ARC can be availed by domestic and international accountancy graduates
The course program includes 32 weeks of classroom lessons by qualified and experienced teachers, trainers and mentors. Attention is given to every student present in the class to groom them into self-confident and expert professionals.
The program also incorporates a 12 week internship phase which constitutes practical workshops in an industry-relevant company. The program is designed to help students gain real-life experience in the Australian workplace and also implement their lessons into practical knowhow.

Benefits of procuring the cheapest professional year course study at ARC

The professional year program is moduled to give students a clear understanding and learn the vital insights of the demands, requirements and work dynamics in an Australian workplace.
Learn professional tips and excel in new technologies like tax accounting software from experienced trainers.
Students can incorporate the successful completion certificate of the professional year program in Accountancy from ARC in the list of their competencies. It will strengthen their resume among the employers and also increase their value compared to their peers.
Learning about the various industrial principles will ensure that the fresh graduates don’t feel uncomfortable in the new work environment. The classroom lessons, the experience shared by professionals and the tips taught will accompany them to face any professional hurdle and showcase their competency with a healthy and strong mental strength.
Internship and workshops help to brush up your business communication skills by speaking with expert professionals from the team. Learn the do’s and don’ts of an Australian workplace before you face the real situation.
Learn relationship management skills to build a strong professional network with clients, supervisors, leaders, colleagues and more in your relevant industry.


Eligibility Criteria to study professional year program at Accountants Resource Centre

It is mandatory for students planning to undergo the professional year program to successfully complete a 2 years graduation course in Accounting with at least 2 years of credit points.
Must acquire a minimum score of 6 in IELTS or a score of 50 across all four bands in PTE or a TOEFL score of at least 12 in Listening, 13 in Reading, 21 in Writing and 18 in Speaking.
Candidates should possess a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) or at least should have applied for it with a minimum of 12 months of validity.
Participants must possess a valid skill assessment certificate from an authorised accounting body.

Competency Areas for all ANZSCO code for the skill assessment body for accounting to assess in australia best provider pathway education

How internship programs can build your career if you choose the cheapest professional year course study at ARC?

The internship programs in ARC strengthen a graduate’s competency and skills by assigning tasks to students and evaluating the way they tackle accounting issues and troubles. In this way, the candidates learn to handle challenging situations when they face troubles in their future workplace.
The candidates are taught time management skills and various professional strategies and tips from experienced mentors to grow more productive and successful in their careers.
ARC internship program also teaches students occupational health and Australian workplace safety regulations.

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