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Study Professional Year at Monash Professional Pathways

Pathway Education was built with an aim to connect deserving aspirants with their desired dreams and pave their career path with ease, convenience and comfort. With this motive in mind, we at Pathway Education have been consistently serving our clients with an efficient admission facility, visa processing and migration services for more than a decade.

In these years of service, Pathway Education has collaborated with various networking sources in and around Australia. One of them is the renowned and world-famous Monash Professional Pathways.

So, if you have plans to study professional year at Monash Professional Pathways, we can help you get through all the different admission, visa and migration formalities without any trouble or stress.

Why should you select the best professional year course at Monash Professional Pathways?

Monash Professional Pathway is an integral part of Monash College which is privately owned by Monash University. With strength of about 50 talented employees, Monash Professional Pathways provides effective recruitment, placement and training services that connect fresh interns, graduates and employers on the same platform.

Monash Professional year courses can help you get access to their dedicated internship and self-development sessions which helps to crack difficult interviews and get the right job at some of the most prestigious companies in your relevant stream.

Advantages of selecting the cheapest professional year program at Monash Professional Pathways

After your studies and before you get going with your first job, Monash makes you job-ready with professional experience with various career development programs, internships and placements.
Get to know important and talented employers and motivators which can help you build an effective professional network in your industry for a productive and growing career path
Start your career with confidence, ease and power that make you invincible and unstoppable at your job upfront.

Course Structure if you study professional year at Monash professional Pathway

Course Duration: 44 Weeks

Course Details

1) Monash professional year course is a work-ready program for graduates to kick start their career with confidence and self-awareness
2) Gazetted by the Department of Home Affairs, the professional year program is available in three main categories:
a) Accounting
b) Information Technology
c) Engineering
3) Monash provides an accredited professional program recognized by CPA, Chartered Accountant, Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Engineering Education Australia.

Advantages of selecting the cheapest professional year program at Monash Professional Pathways

The 12 week internship program in Monash Professional Pathway offers new graduates the opportunity to build a strong and powerful persona that helps to achieve their dreams faster and grow productively.
It guides you through various business and interpersonal skills, behaviour and practices.
Creates self-awareness that helps you to understand your destination and progress towards it
Makes you aware of the new Australian work culture
Improves soft skills proficiently
Enhances your employment skills
Helps you gain the necessary confidence to take initiative, stay positive, optimistic and input quality into every task you do.

How the Best Professional Year course at Monash Professional Pathways paves your path to success and growth?

Monash is a famous name among International students because of its various customized programs.
Over the years Monash has successfully built a market reputation where thousands of students from schools, colleges and government departments participate from all over the world to attend their specially designed professional year courses.
The educational programs in Monash are built and designed keeping in mind the client’s precise requirement, learning capacity, the time duration one can invest, the educational background, their inborn skills and much more.

Monash professional year customized programs are value-based and tackle some of the major problems faced by overseas participants living in Australia such as:
a) Proficient English training to meet specific industry purpose which includes reading, writing, speaking and understanding
b) Training a teacher to face a classroom of students
c) Provide academic experiences in Australian institution
d) Job ready program to prepare graduates to work in Australian work ambience
e) Interpersonal and professional development

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