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Skill Assessment for Nursing nurse Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) best in australia - pathway education

Skill Assessment for Nursing

If you are a trained nurse or an amateur midwife looking for a career in nursing, Australia has a wide range of opportunities for you. But before you can migrate to Australia or even apply for the right type of visa application, you need to put your knowledge and experience in a skill assessment for nursing conducted by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

Whether you are an experienced trained nurse or a novice midwife with a dream to make a career in Australia, Pathway Education is equipped to serve you with all necessary assistance you will require during your skill assessment for nursing, visa processing and migration arrangements.

We are a team of extremely competent visa and migration agents to guide you through the challenging process of immigration with professional support and effective aids.

What are the posts you can apply for if you clear the skill assessment for nursing?

Nursing Clinical Director (ANZSCO Code 134212)
Midwife (ANZSCO Code 254111)
Nurse Researcher (ANZSCO Code 254212)
Nurse Educator (ANZSCO Code 254211)
Nurse Practitioner (ANZSCO Code 254411)
Nurse Manager (ANZSCO Code 254311)
Midwife (ANZSCO Code 254111)
Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (ANZSCO Code 254412)
Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) (ANZSCO Code 254413)
Registered Nurse (Community Health) (ANZSCO Code 254414)
Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (ANZSCO Code 254415)

Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) (ANZSCO Code 254416)
Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation) (ANZSCO Code 254417)
Registered Nurse (Medical) (ANZSCO Code 254418)
Registered Nurse (Medical Practice) (ANZSCO Code 254421)
Registered Nurse (Medical Health) (ANZSCO Code 254422)
Registered Nurse (Perioperative) (ANZSCO Code 254223)
Registered Nurse (Surgical) (ANZSCO Code 254424)
Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) (ANZSCO Code 254425)
Registered Nurse NEC (ANZSCO Code 254499)
Enrolled Nurse (ANZSCO Code 411411)

Types of skill assessment requirement for nurses nursing in Australia best and chaep provider - pathway education

Types of skill assessment requirement for nurses in Australia

Full Skill Assessment
For registered nurses or midwives practising in the United States or Ireland and possessing a minimum Diploma of nursing Melbourne or Midwifery degree. Proving your English Language proficiency is mandatory in this assessment.
Modified Skill Assessment
The modified assessment is for those who are nurse or midwife registered in Australia. If you don’t have an Australian registration but you possess the ‘Notice of in-principle approval of registered subject to proof of identity’ letter from AHPRA, Nursing Council of New Zealand or Midwifery Council of New Zealand, you will be qualified for the modified skill assessment.
In this process, the candidates need not provide the English Language competency.

English Language Competency Test For Skill Assessment Requirement for Nurses

To clear the skill assessment for nursing, you have to clear any one of these tests. ANMAC recognizes English Language competency test results that are not more than 2 years old. However, scores from different exams cannot be combined to achieve the eligibility cut-off marks.
The different options for testing your English competency include
IELTS Academic Test (International English Language Testing System)
Applicants must score at least 7 in the overall IELTS exam with a minimum score of 7 in each of the individual module.
OET(Occupational English Test) for Nurses
The candidate must score a minimum B grade in each of the four sections – Listening, reading, writing and speaking.
PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English)
The candidate must acquire a score of at least 65 in the overall test with a minimum score of 65 in each module – Listening, reading, writing and speaking.
TOEFL (Test of English as A Foreign Language)
Applicants must score an overall score of 94 in the test with a minimum of 24 in listening, 24 in reading, 27 in writing and 23 in speaking modules.
ANMAC accepts test score achieved in 1 sitting or maximum of 2 sittings in a range of 6 months only if the applicant is able to score the minimum cut-off in each sitting and no score in the individual section is below the eligibility marks.

List of documents mandatory in the skill assessment requirement for nurses nursion provider best in austrlia - pathway education

List of documents mandatory in the skill assessment requirement for nurses

Identity Proof
a) Passport Biodata
b) Passport size Photograph (Taken within 6 months, high quality with improved clarity, self-taken photos are not accepted)
c) Change of Name Document(if applicable)
Verification of registration/certification should be provided from every country where you have held a registration.
Graduation Certificates for all tertiary nursing qualification
English Test Score
Work Experience (a professional reference which proves you have been engaged in a full time paid work as a nurse or midwife for a duration of minimum 3 months. However, for fresh graduate work experience is not required)

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