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Best Regional Areas to Study in Australia

What if you want to change the Level of Qualification

Going overseas for higher education is a dream for many. But there are only a few who are able to convert their dream into reality.

Going through the stressful and hectic process of admission and visa processing forces many students to step back every year, even when they have the qualification and ability to live in the best regional areas to study in Australia and establish a flourishing career in their desired field.
Furthermore, higher education is itself quite expensive that needs proper funding options and getting an educational consulting agency service to process your admission procedure would just add more balance to the already a huge amount of expenditure.

Pathway Education works with a team of experienced educational consulting agents who understands the challenges you face and handles the complex process of overseas admission in the best regional areas to study in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine, Adelaide, Tasmania and visa procedure with professional expertise and responsibility.

Moreover, our team of expert consulting agents helps you choose the right institution and course considering your educational background, learning ability, available funds and the best regional areas to study in Australia.

Our List of Services for Regional Areas in Australia

We, at Pathway Education, understand your confusion when it comes to choosing the right course and institution in Australia that would match your educational qualification and career aspirations.
Our team will advise you with relevant course details, brief about various institutions, the cost and the basic admission procedures that will help you select your future in a more practical and productive manner.

Migrating to one of the best regional areas to study in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine, Adelaide, Tasmania, Australia, requires proper visa processing and arrangement for your accommodation in the country. Getting the right visa to move to Australia for higher studies also requires processing knowledge and it is time consuming.
At Pathway Education, you can get your Visa processed in the least amount of time and our services come in extremely affordable packages that would not burden your overseas course budget at all.

Course Change:
If you are not happy with the current course you are studying, we can help you change the course with your desired one. Furthermore, if you are not convinced with the ambiance in your Institution, we can help you change your institution too and shift to one of the best regional areas to study in Adelaide, Australia.

Professional Year:
Professional courses enhance your worth and demand in the job market. Pathway Education offers different kinds of professional year programs in Accounting, Information Technology and Engineering. Taking one of the professional year programs will chisel your skills and you can easily increase your salary quote and demand in the job industry.

Visa Services:
Whether you need a student visa, partner visa or a visitor visa, Pathway Education is equipped with all the necessary knowledge and expertise to process every type of Visa in the least time and affordable service cost. If your aspiration for higher studies is stuck due to an invalid visa, well, not anymore. We are always ready to help you.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning):
Pathway Education is a leading provider of Recognition of Prior Learning assessment programs affiliated with many renowned Institutions, RTOs and Colleges.
Our RPL programs help aspiring candidates to recognize and utilize their skills, knowledge, and experience gained through various training based courses and assessments. Thus, you will develop a versatile skill set that will help you select the right career path when you opt to study in the best regional areas to study in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine, Adelaide, Tasmania.

Health Insurance:
Every type of Visa requires a health insurance policy either for yourself (applicable for Student Visa) or your family (for other visa types). At Pathway Education, you can apply to get a Health Insurance policy with the least hassle and in most convenient prices.
Since we also deal with Visa services, our health insurance policies are critically designed to match the visa norms precisely, so you don’t have trouble getting your visa granted.

Preparation PTE/NATTI:
For Interpreters, language is an important criterion if you aspire to take admission in the best regional areas to study in Australia. Even proficient English communication skills are important to get a student visa.

Pathway Education offers an effective regional language NAATI coaching course to brush up your skills on Hindi, Nepalese, Urdu, Punjabi and many other languages.

Special PTE or in simple language grooming courses are also available to test and boost up your confidence and English speaking skills.

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