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Perks of Enrolling in an Australian Professional Year Program (PYP)

In a recent study, Australia was ranked as the third-best location for higher education around the globe. The country “Down under” has grown into a centre for international students due to the top universities, its advanced education, affluent faculty, welcoming locals and a pleasant climate throughout the year.

However, a lot of international students finishing their studies in various fields aren’t conscious of their Professional Year Program (PYP).

The PYP is available to students from overseas who have graduated from a University in Australia. The program is designed to introduce you to a career by offering relevant practical training. It’s an accredited internship program that is approved through DIBP.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

At present, there is a shortage of skilled workers in various industries in Australia. To ensure that workforce of highly skilled professionals in sectors like engineering, IT and accounting are maintained, The professional year program was designed. The DIBP started the program with the assistance of a variety of Australian universities.

International students who have completed their studies at the Australian school with a qualification lasting at least two years old are eligible to apply to the program. It is a PYP is a program of 44 weeks that is split into 32 consecutive weeks of instruction as well as 12 weeks of an internship. The program imparts valuable information and experience and also provides an opportunity to work within an Australian firm.

  • It also Offers Job Opportunities for Interns

A lot of international students will have difficulty finding employment that is appropriate for their specialization after they graduate from Australia. The professional year program can make this easier because it offers a wide range of opportunities for students from abroad to secure lucrative jobs.

There are a variety of prestigious universities in Australia which offer internships to students enrolled in the professional year program. Additionally, the majority of students are offered employment contracts with firms after completing the program. Internships can give you a great experience for your resume and enhance your chances of being employed by other Australian businesses.

  • It can Expand Your Professional Circle

The PYP can also help you increase your social and professional environment. It is a great way to meet numerous professionals in your chosen field and also ensures that you will be able to connect with others who share similar interests and goals like you.

  • It will Help You to Get more Familiar with Australian Workplaces

Each country and business has its own set of standards with working environments and code of ethics. The PYP lets you learn the way professionals in Australia are employed and how they cope to the requirements of working and personal life balance.

  • It will Give You an Extra 5 Points to Your Residence Application

Achieving the PYP will earn you an additional 5 points that could help you in submitting an application for permanent residence in Australia. If you’re looking to explore possibilities in the new land “Down under” or are planning to settle in Australia for the long-term then the PYP may be a good alternative for you!

  • Conditions for Eligibility for PYP

To be eligible for the professional year program You must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Complete an undergraduate or postgraduate course in an Australian University
  • Apply to, or keep 485 for your visa
  • Show the evidence of a minimum the IELTS 6.0 for all levels
  • Complete and valid assessments of skills from a relevant professional organization

Programs like these are very beneficial to students who are looking to earn their degrees in Australia. It could allow you to develop professionally and increase your chances of being a permanent resident of Australia while at the same time. Find out more information about Australian PYP by contacting IDP’s expert counsellors.

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