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Professional Year Program IT

Get Exposure to Australian Workplace with Professional IT PY Program – Popular Field in Australia


In the past couple of years, Australia has emerged as the third most popular study destination for students of the Asian continent. High-quality education, cultural diversity, and friendly natives are the major reasons that attract international students to the colonial city. The largest country in Oceania generates a higher volume of jobs each year, both in the area of skilled and unskilled professions. 

More qualified professionals are necessary to meet the growing economic goals of Australia. Local graduates aren’t enough to meet the rising demand for professionals in engineering, accounting, and IT fields. Businesses are facing skills’ crises in these sectors which are slowing down the growth rate. Australia has world-class universities offering courses in different fields. 

Many programs are introduced by the qualification authority to make sure that the professionals are highly familiar and eligible to work in their respective fields. One such initiative taken in the professional arena is the Australian Professional Year Program IT. 

The program is structured for the professional development of an individual as it combines the formal learning and real industry experience altogether for international students.

The professional year program in Melbourne provides exposure to industry-specific skills and is specifically designed for students that wish to apply for permanent residency in Australia. It prepares individuals for professional careers in the Australian industry. Apart from this, the 12 months program offers numerous benefits that help the candidates to settle in Australia more successfully. 

Why Should You Opt for Professional Year Program IT? 

The professional year program in Sydney and all other cities of Australia deliver various options to perform better in the workplace as the candidates become familiar with industry procedures. The internship in an Australian company provides the opportunity to earn valuable work experience. You will develop behavioral skills and learn to communicate effectively within the Australian workplace.

You will get an opportunity to understand Australian culture, traditions, and most importantly the practices that help grow in an Australian workplace. This is a 12-month program that provides international students an introduction to the Australian work culture and provides practical training. 

Professional Year Program IT (Information Technology) or Professional Year Program Engineering is a specifically designed 44-week program that includes a 32-week workshop, study, and seminars by accredited education providers to know about the Australian work business and grasp professional communication skills.

The quality of the education system and modern education infrastructures attract thousands of international students from various countries. Students get technical and theoretical skills while studying in the country. The Professional Year Program is available in three fields – Accounting, Computer Science and Engineering. 

Check Your Eligibility for Professional Year Program IT

You are eligible to apply for the professional year program in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and other major cities of Australia if you have completed a degree in Information Technology, Accounting, Computer Science or Engineering or any closely related area in Australia or outside applied for or hold Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485) that allows you to stay legally in Australia for 18 months, once you complete your degree program the degree program that you have completed must be 2 years or more and you must possess skills. 

The student must have an IELTS overall score of 6, with a minimum score of at least 5 in each band or equivalent. If you are an IT graduate from any Australian University it is best to get in touch with an education consultant who offers cheap Professional Year Program IT. 

To be suitable for a Professional Year Program in IT, a student must meet the following criterion: Hold a graduate or postgraduate degree from a related higher education program within Australia (minimum 2 years duration). A 12-week unpaid internship with a company to gain hands-on experience of the Australian work culture is available. You can get specialized training specific to the industry.

Benefits of Professional Year Program:

You will be able to know in detail about the Australian Work culture and industry. You can gain industry-specific practical experience and training. You can build a network with your industry professionals and peers. You can enhance your career prospects with a Professional Year.

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