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professional year in engineering

How Long is the Professional Year Program in Engineering?


The professional year in engineering is honored by the Government of Australia that Engineering bridges the gap between education and employment. As an overseas graduate completing a Professional Year in Engineering makes you ready for an engineering job. 

The course is something other than to learn as it offers you a pathway to the engineering profession. It’s an ideal opportunity to foster your professional organization. Show how you know engineering work in Australia to the businesses.

What is a Professional Year Program?

It is a program that is organized by experts who consolidate formal learning and working environment experience for global applicants. The individuals who have moved on from Australia. It typically runs for a year and is accessible in the field of software engineering and designing and bookkeeping. It is in Australian businesses where interest for talented alumni is high.

Proficient year programs are mostly made for students who want to apply for super durable residency in Australia. They let applicants foster abilities through thorough investigation and work experience that set them up for an expert vocation in the Australian labor force.

Who will be eligible for the Professional Year Program?

Any abroad understudy who finished their graduation from an Australian college can apply for this program. It is a 44-week capable program that is detached into 12 weeks of impermanent temporary job position and 32 weeks of coursework. The program doesn’t just offer down-to-earth abilities yet gives you genuine openness to the work culture of Australia. You can also study Professional Year in IT.

How does the professional program work?

Over these 12 months, of course, it is a blend of classroom training and industry placement that will help you to:

  • Increase your understanding of the workplace and culture of Australia
  • Earn valuable experience through an internship in an Australian company
  • Grow a network of colleagues and other industry professionals.
  • Able to attend engineers events at no extra cost.
  • Boost your chance of having a career as an engineer in Australia.

The Professional Year in Engineering has two sections:

Viable and up close and personal preparation of 32 weeks in a study hall.

A neglected temporary job 12 weeks full-time with an Australian designing organization in a job that suits your discipline or subject matter.

The training part shows you the capacities you need to succeed expertly in Australia. After finishing it effectively you can apply for five points under a qualified skilled occupation.

Benefits of Professional Year Program:

  • Offer you chances of the internship.
  • Make you know about the work environment of Australia.
  • Broaden your social and professional network.
  • Getting 5 extra points for Permanent Residency.


The professional year program targets to increase the employability abilities of overseas graduates to meet Australia’s shortages in selected occupations. You get awarded points toward skilled migration under an eligible skilled occupation. 

The Professional Year in Engineering hugely acts as a boon for international students who are on the hunt to complete a degree from universities. It helps to improve the chances of becoming a permanent resident and growing.

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