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For Electrician

Skill Assessment for Electrician Skill Assessment for Electrician (both General and Special Class) in australia - pathway education

Skill Assessment for Electrician

Technical skills are highly in demand in Australia. So, if you are an electrician capable of handling installation, tests, connections, wiring, commissions, maintenance and modifications in electrical equipment, wiring networks, control systems etc, then you have a bright future in Australia.

But before you can apply for a visa to migrate to Australia, you will require to go through an electrical skills assessment test in Australia which will analyze your electrical knowledge and practical skills to evaluate if you meet the necessary eligibility norms required to grant a migrating visa.

Pathway Education is a licensed company offering expert migration and visa processing services to help fresh migrates to move, stay and work in Australia stress-free and effortlessly. We work with a team of registered migration service agents who bear profound knowledge in skill assessment for electrician and can assist you in the process to give you the peace of mind before you execute the procedure.

The positions available for electricians if they clear the electrical skill assessment test Australia

Electrician (General) (ANZSCO Code 341111)
a) Electricians who are experienced with installations, tests, connections, wiring, maintenance, commission and modification of electrical appliances and control systems.
b) Skill Level 3
c) Assessing Authority: TRA
d) Specialization required
Armature Winder
Electrical Contractor
Heavy Coil Winder
Railway Signal Electrician

Electrician(Special Class) (ANZSCO Code 341112)
a) Electricians who are capable of design, assemble, install, test, commission, diagnose, maintain and repair electrical networks, systems, circuits, equipment, components, appliances and facilities for industrial, commercial and domestic purpose. The service also includes maintenance and repair of lifts, escalators and other related equipment.
b) AQF Certificate III plus minimum of 2 years of on-the-job training and experience, or AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO code skill level 3)

Compulsory Skill assessment requirements for electricians to clear the process in australia for Electrician (both General and Special Class - PEVS

Compulsory Skill assessment requirements for electricians to clear the process

The candidate is required to possess at least 6 years of work experience as an electrician (General and Special class) with no formal training, or
The candidate is also eligible if he/she has 4 years of work experience as an Electrician(Special Class and General both), without any formal training
Documental evidence of the formal training in the form of qualification certificates.
The candidate’s employment evidence must be at least 12 months in the last 3 years
Employment evidence such as salary slips, bank statements, employment reference, offer letter, joining letter etc.

Process of Skill Assessment for Electrician (both General and Special Class)

The procedure involves both Technical round and a Practical Assessment part that takes about 7-8 hours to complete.
The technical round evaluates the extent of knowledge the candidate possesses. In this round, the candidate is questioned about the various skills and duties he/she needs to perform as a qualified electrician depending on the relevance of the position (General or Special Class)
The next round – the practical assessment- comprises of a series of work-related tasks that are given to the candidate to perform in the presence of a licensed Assessor. This round evaluates your practical knowledge, skills and presence of mind.
If the candidate is able to clear both the round, then he/ she will be issued with
a) Skills Assessment Outcome Letter
b) Offshore Technical Skills Record(OTSR)
After migrating to Australia, the candidate is required to apply for a provisional license through the State Regulation Body with the OSTR. If the provisional license is granted, you would be able to work under the supervision of a fully licensed electrical tradesperson.
However, while working under a supervisor, you will have to undertake additional training to get an Australian qualification to start working independently in Australia.

The Cost of Skill Assessment for an electrician

The overall skill assessment for electrician comes with a charge. The fee for the application is around AUD $1280 for Electrician (General) and AUD $ 4200 for Electrician (Special Class).

How can Pathway Education Assist You in the Electrical Skill Assessment test in Australia best prvoder for Electrician General and special class

How can Pathway Education Assist You in the Electrical Skill Assessment test in Australia

We have experienced professional agents in our team who can guide you through the skill assessment process to help you get aware of the type of questions and tasks you might be put through
We will assist you with the answers, skills and duties that you will undertake during the practical assessment round
We will guide you to prepare the necessary documentation to ensure they meet the Australian standards
We will help you lodge your application with the authorized bodies who will review your training and employment evidence to certain you meet your eligibility requirements.

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