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Your Complete Guide to Obtaining Australian Citizenship in Melbourne

Your Complete Guide to Obtaining Australian Citizenship in Melbourne


Australia’s immigration rules are intricate and are based on merit. However, if you possess an entrepreneurial flair and have the financial resources, there are a variety of possibilities to become a citizen. Highly skilled employees could be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.

Before we get into the process of how to obtain Australian citizenship in Melbourne Let’s take a take a look at the benefits of living within Australia along with the popular ways for entrepreneurs who are nomads. We’ll explore more in depth in the future on how to get Australian citizenship.

How to Obtain Australian Citizenship?

·         How to Obtain Citizenship in Australia

You can choose of becoming a citizen after becoming an Australian permanent resident. To be eligible it is necessary to live in Australia until you are eligible to naturalize and submit an application and successfully pass the Australian citizenship test. It’s a lengthy process however it’s not as hard as it is in other countries.

If you apply for Australian citizenship through descent, you will accelerate the process and skip naturalization as well as the requirement of sitting the Australian citizenship test.

·         Citizenship by Descent in Australia

The process of obtaining Australian citizenship by an ancestry search is a much simpler and less costly option than any other options we’ve looked at. There are only two requirements to be not born in Australia and proving the fact that your parent was an Australian citizenship at the date when you were born.

You are able to submit an application to apply for Australian citizenship through descent via the internet and in person. The cost for application is $315 except if you apply at the same time as your older sibling or parent, in which case the cost is only $130.

·         Citizenship Procedures

If you’re not a parent to an Australian citizen There are five major phases you have to go through to be eligible in order to be eligible for Australian citizenship in Melbourne. The two initial steps, temporary residency as well as permanent residence, have been studied. The first step towards citizenship is to apply for and receive temporary visa.

Then, you can apply for a visa to grant you permanent residency in Australia with this temporary Visa.

·         Naturalization

It is required to live in Australia for a period of four years following having become a permanent residence prior to applying for citizenship. The first four years must be in the position of an permanent resident. The remainder of the time can be considered as the time you that you spent within Australia before becoming permanent residents, based on an approved visitor’s visa. For instance, if you were a student in Australia and completed your studies there, these years contribute towards your naturalization.

·         The Application for Australian Citizenship

After four years from the date of the naturalization process, you’ll become eligible for Australian citizenship. Most people are able to make an application for Australian citizenship on the internet. It is possible to apply the right to citizenship via conferral when you apply as an immigrant who is a permanent resident. It is necessary to have an interview, and then take the citizenship test if are younger than 60.

·         Being Granted Citizenship

The path towards Australian citizenship doesn’t end when you pass the citizenship test or interview. Before you can be an Australian citizen, you need to take part in a citizenship ceremony and make a commitment and sign a certain form of paperwork. For those who are citizens, the citizenship ceremony is a very emotional experience and for others, it’s just another long procedure.

·         Ceremony of Citizenship

The ceremony of obtaining citizenship is the final stage to become the first Australian citizen. Once your application has been accepted and you’ve passed the citizenship test you will be invited to attend a ceremony. You are required to attend the ceremony within six months following the date you received the approval to submit your application.

·         Obtaining a Passport

The Department of Home Affairs handled your application for Australian citizenship. If you wish to get one Australian passport, then you have to apply separately with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

If you are a new Australian citizen, you’ll be required to present the Australian citizenship certificate along with documentation attesting your residence location to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Being able to become a citizen of Australia is straightforward, so you adhere to the guidelines and regulations. Before you apply, you can quickly review all the details available through the best Australian migration agent department’s official website.

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