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Partner Visa of Australia

What is the Four Pilers of Partner Visa?



In assessing the financial aspects of your relationship, the Department will look at how you manage your finances as a couple. Examples of strong evidence include having a joint bank account used for daily spending or having each other listed as additional card holders on a credit card account. But it can also be helpful to show how you divide expenses; perhaps rental costs come out of one bank account while utility bills come out of the other. Or it could be that while one of you pay for flights, the other pays for the accommodation when you travel together.


Strong evidence can include sharing a lease, and having mail sent to both of you at a shared address. We can also look at this pillar like a ‘day in the life of’. When you think about what a regular day or week looks like for you and your partner, you start to understand how your household runs. Perhaps one of you cooks, takes the children to school and keeps the garden under control.


Globe-trotting adventurous couples who have an abundance of social media posts, photos, travel tickets and are invited to family gatherings every other week likely have this pillar sorted!

Perhaps you are both members of the same gym, social or gaming club or have a hidden web of online gaming evidence you probably haven’t thought of. Simple things such as texts to your family and friends where you talk about your relationship can all go towards your social evidence. And remember, you will need to call on a few friends, family members and colleagues to write witness statements in support of your application.


This pillar looks at your commitment to one another. If you have spent time apart, it’s important to show how you have maintained contact with your partner – your chat logs, phone calls, emails and other forms of communication can all evidence this.

If you are not married, you may choose to register your relationship with the relevant state or territory. This not only removes the need to prove your de facto relationship has existed for at least 12 months, but will also act as evidence of your commitment to each other. All you need to know about Australian Partner Visa and contact us so we can assist you to choose the right Pathway

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