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What are the differences Between Australian Permanent Residency and Australian Citizenship?


If you’re considering moving to Australia as permanent residents but it doesn’t mean the automatic emergence as an Australian citizen. You will be able to be entitled to certain rights, but there is an era of distinction among Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship.

Certain laws in the country distinguish the citizen of Australia from someone who has permanent residency. A Australian citizen has rights to be a representative of the nation who a permanent resident does not.

What is Australian Permanent Residency & Citizenship?

An Australian citizen has a right of birth to the nation. But, if you’re from another country it is possible to be a permanent resident of Australia in the event that you have completed all formalities and qualifications. Permanent residents cannot become an Australian citizen. Australia however, they can have certain rights inside the country.

Permanent residents of Australia enjoy the majority of rights that are available to citizens of the country, however, there are some differences when you compare them to Australian citizenship. So, in terms of rights, here are the major differences among Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship.

Differences between Australian Permanent Residency & Australian Citizenship

·         Travel

One of the basic rights Australian citizens enjoy is the ability to move within or out of Australia at their own convenience. There are no limitations on their entry into or exit out of the country. Additionally, because fewer papers are required, Australian citizen can quickly obtain their visa.

If you do have a permanent residence in Australia then there is an entry restriction and exiting the country. If you wish to leave Australia you need a permanent visa as well as a valid travel permit. If you have it, you might be able to return to Australia as permanent residents.

·         Voting

If you’re a citizen of Australia and are a citizen of Australia, you be able to vote for your country in elections. This is due to the fact that a person with a permanent visa for Australia could be a citizen of another country. Therefore, Australia bars the right to vote for permanent residents, and limits these rights to citizens of the country only.

·         Benefits and Services from the Government

If you’re a citizen of Australia and are a permanent resident, you must follow specific guidelines and rules for getting benefit and assistance from government. In contrast those who are permanent residents of Australia is entitled to some benefits or services offered by the government, however with a distinction.

Rights Enjoyed by an Australian Citizen

If you’re a citizen of Australia you are entitled to the rights of Australian Permanent Residents.

  • You will be able to reside and work in Australia for the duration of your stay.
  • After becoming an Australian citizen and you are a citizen of Australia, you will be eligible to obtain the Australian passport. This will permit you to get into and out of the country whenever you want. Additionally, you won’t lose your residence.
  • In the event that you’re traveling to another country for a specific reason, but you are an Australian citizen. In this situation, you could seek assistance and support from Australia’s Embassy. Australian Embassy located in your country.
  • If you are an Australian citizen, you are eligible to be a part of an army of Australian Army.
  • You can be an official Member of Parliament and also run for election as a candidate election.
  • You’ll have voting rights in the time that are a part of the elections.

All rights listed above are exclusive to the people of Australia. It is necessary to have the permanent residence Australian visa to avail the rights.

In order to be an Australian citizen, you must to meet the following requirements:

  • Born in Australia. Thus, even if you parents come from a different country, you immediately become an Australian citizen.
  • If one of your parents are Australian citizenship, it is possible that you may be a citizen of the nation.
  • If you’re the child adopted by the Australian citizen, you’ll automatically become a citizen the nation.


If you also, would like to be a citizen of Australia and have access to the country’s rights, first you have to be a permanent resident. There are many options to become a citizen of Australia and you have to select the one for you.

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