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Professional Year Program

Types Of Professional Year Program In Australia


The PY Program, often known as the PY coursework, is a structured professional program designed for students interested in pursuing a career in Australia permanently. It combines academic education with an internship to provide hands-on experience in the business. It is tailored to international students who have completed their studies at a reputable Australian university.

Students in the Professional Year Program can communicate in a professional job setting. It also assists students in becoming acquainted with work procedures and culture. Students can get industry-specific skills that will help them build a professional career in the Australian workplace through this program.

Now that you know what is the PY program, let’s get around with the types of programs. You’ll get three courses to choose from the program.

Professional Year Program – Accounting

The Home Affairs Department is in charge of planning the Accounting PY program. This program is open to international students with an Australian accounting degree. The CPA, Chartered Accountants, and the Institute of Public Accountants equip students with a full path and guidance. The program serves as a link between the university and the workplace for students.

The program comprises 32 weeks of face-to-face classes. These seminars will provide you with the necessary information and communication skills for the workplace. The program’s second component is a professional internship. This is the period when you will put your theoretical knowledge into practice, gain new skills, and connect with others in your industry to advance your career.

After the completion of the program, students will get 5 extra points from the Department of Home Affairs test.

Australian Computer Society (ACS)

If you own an IT degree from an Australian university, then this program is for you! In this program, the Australian zone provides the practical skills and the training that is required to enhance the career of the student.

The program is divided into two stages and is 44 weeks long. The first stage is of 32 weeks, which gives theoretical and communication skills training to the students. After the completion of the first stage, students are all set to grab the opportunity of a 12-week internship with the host companies. At this stage, they work on the acquired skills and techniques they’ve learned.

Australia’s Professional Year Program in Engineering

This program was developed by Engineering Education of Australia. In this 44 week program, an international engineering student acquires the vital skills that are in high demand in the Australian Workplace. You can Study Professional Year in Engineering. This program helps the students extend their skills and makes them ready for the job! 

Wrapping Up!

This program gives international students a great exposure to understand the culture and the working environment of the Australian workspace. The internships in each program add valuable work experience to students’ portfolios.

At the end of each program, students are eligible for extra five points on the Department of Home Affairs test.

So, if you are an international graduate from an Australian university, and planning to join one of the above programs, Apply now and grab the opportunity!

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