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The Benefits of Becoming an Australian Citizen in Melbourne

The Benefits of Becoming an Australian Citizen in Melbourne


Australia is regularly rated in the list of most beautiful and well-liveable nations worldwide because of its impressive human development index and its top in quality of living. Australia is a place with great professional and personal potential, offering a universal health system, a top-quality education system, a world-class scenery, and a warm temperature. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Australia is a magnet for many immigrants as well as skilled professionals looking for one of the most open and cosmopolitan countries.

Benefits of an Australian Citizen

The main benefits of having the benefits of Australian citizenship in Melbourne are identified below. Let’s take another look.

·         Travel without a visa

A Australian passport can be considered among the most secure passports around the globe. Visas aren’t required for travel to over 160 countries. In some countries, you’ll be granted a visa upon arrival, thus eliminating the need in applying for visas and then wait an extended time to be approved.

·         There will not be more RRVs

Permanent residents of Australia typically have a five-year travel timeframe that is tied to their visa. In turn, permanent residents who want to travel have to renew their visas each five-year period. For travel, you’ll need to apply for the Resident Return Visa -Subclass 155 (RRV).

As an Australian citizen living in Melbourne has the option of traveling and staying at any time you want. There is no requirement to apply for an RRV each year for five years.

·         Consular Assistance

If there is an emergency caused by natural disaster or another emergency in your region and there is a chance that the Australian government will offer consular aid to the citizens. Emergency consular assistance is offered 24/7 all week long. The government offers consular assistance through high commissioners, embassies and consulates across the globe.

·         Jobs in the federal government

While you’d enjoy the same rights to work when you are an Australian citizen, as a Permanent resident of Australia, it is the case that you will not be eligible for federal government jobs. A lot of Federal government agencies, such as for instance the Australian Defence Force as well as Australian Federal Police, for instance. Australian Federal Police are able to employ only Australian residents.

·         Vote for your preferred political party

Citizens of Australia are entitled to vote. As citizens, you have the right to not only choose your preferred political party but you also have the option of entering politics and seek office.

In reality each Australian over the age of 18 is legally required to be a registered voter in Australia. Voting absent could be punished.

·         There are no chances of deportation

Anyone Australian residents who are believed to pose as a risk to national security or who has been detained for more than 12 consecutive months is at risk of deportation. This includes all permanent residents of Australia. The government is not able to remove Australian citizens.

·         HECS – HELP Loan

As a permanent resident you might be able to reimburse domestic costs. However, you will not be able to defer your payment till you have reach an amount that is specified as your salary. The HECS-HELP loan is a program which allows Australian residents to delay the cost of their college expenses. This loan is provided to students who are Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

·         Your children may be granted Australian citizenship

When at the very least one parents were Australian citizens at the birth of the child and the child is identified by the government as being an Australian citizen through descent. Prior to 18 parents can request registration of Australian citizenship through descent on their behalf.

·         Working and Living in New Zealand

If you’re currently an Australian citizen, you’ll typically be able to reside in, work, or even take classes within New Zealand without needing to apply for visa.


There are many benefits for being a permanent resident of Australia. Australia is a relatively young nation that is growing rapidly in terms of economy, population and future prospects.

Australian society is young, diverse and open. It’s a place to gather for people from across the globe to connect and contribute to the great way of life.

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