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The Benefits and Requirements of the 186 Visa (Direct Entry)

The Benefits and Requirements of the 186 Visa (Direct Entry)


It is the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa is also known as Subclass 186 Visa. Subclass 186 Visa, offers skilled workers with the right to for permanent residence and employment in Australia for a period of time. There are two routes to getting a visa. These comprise two options: the Direct Entry Stream and the Temporary Residence Transition Stream. This article will focus on the Direct Entry 186 Visa’s stream. Pathway Education is one of the top migration agents in Melbourne.

What do you need to know about 186 Visa (Direct entry)?

Three types of visas are offered: directly entry visa, labour agreements and a temporary residence.

  • Direct Entry: To become eligible to be direct entry eligible to be eligible for direct entry, an Australian employer must nominate a applicant, and their job must be listed on the list of qualified skilled jobs. After approval, you will be able to live in Australia for the duration of your stay. It is from the place you were born.
  • labour agreement streams: The labour contract stream is for employers that have signed a contract with a labour. The possibility of being nominated for a job that is deemed ‘skilled’ and included in the index of skilled occupations by the employer could be beneficial. This permits you to live and perform your job in Australia for a long time.
  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream: To be eligible to be a part of the transitional residence stream you must be employed by your current employer for a minimum period of three years. In addition, your employer must choose you for the program. A TSS, 457 or any other equivalent bridge visa is needed. With the 186 visa you are able to live permanently in Australia without having to leave your existing Australian residence.

Benefits of the 186 Visa (Direct Entry)

  • Permanent Residence: the 186 visa (Direct Entry) allows family members and individuals to move to Australia for a period of indefinite duration and to work without restrictions. It’s a permanent residency visa. It permits individuals to enjoy the benefits associated with becoming an Australian citizen, for example, having access to healthcare, education and social services.
  • Work Flexibility: The person with the visa is able to be employed by the employer that has sponsored them or look for work in any other organisation in Australia.
  • Study: A study opportunity is offered in Australia for those who are holders with a broad range of programs and qualifications. An experienced migration agent in Melbourne can provide you with complete details on the same.
  • Travel: The visa gives holders the right to travel within and out within Australia during five years after the date of approval. After this time the applicant must apply for an Resident Return Visa (RRV) for their be able to return back Australia.
  • Sponsor Eligible Family Members: One can support eligible relatives to obtain legal residency Australia through the status of a Holder.
  • Pathway to citizenship: After having met the essential requirements the holder may apply for Australian citizenship by following the procedure prescribed.

Requirements for the 186 Visa (Direct Entry)

  • Age: There isn’t an age limit to apply for the Visa 186 (Direct entry).
  • Skills Assessment: Visa applicants have to assess their skills through an appropriate organization that assesses their skills in their work field. The entity that is assessing the candidate will determine whether the applicant has the skills and qualifications to do the job they were assigned.
  • English language proficiency: The applicant for visa must demonstrate proficiency of proficiency in the English language. To meet the requirements that is required, applicants must achieve a score of not less than 6.0 across all four sections (including writing, reading and listening) in the exam IELTS exam or the equivalent result from an acceptable English assessment of the language.
  • Nominated Occupation: In order to be qualified for the visa, the applicant has to placed forward for a position which is as either on the Medium or Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL). The applicant should confirm that their chosen profession is on the current list prior to applying, as the list is often revised.
  • Qualifications: The visa applicant must have credentials and the professional knowledge in order to do their job.
  • Health and Character Requirements: The Australian government has a requirement that visa applicants adhere to the character and health conditions. This means undergoing the medical examination and obtaining evidence by the law enforcement agencies of every nation where people have been in residence for a minimum of 12 months during the last 10 years.
  • sponsorship: To apply for a visa you must receive sponsorship by an Australian employer who is currently legally operating a business in this country.

186 Visa Processing Times

The time frame may differ; however, the typical duration is between 4 and 14 months. After submitting an application for a visa, you’ll receive a bridging visa to allow you to time in Australia. It is crucial to note that the information you receive is not specific to particular situations, and it is advised to talk to an RMA to discuss your situation in detail.


Subclass 186 Visa (Direct Entry) Subclass 186 Visa (Direct Entry) offers a unique chance for highly skilled employees to seek permanent residence and work in Australia. This offers many advantages, including the chance to have an indefinite residence and flexibility in employment education, and the possibility of gaining citizenship.

But, getting an immigration visa isn’t easy because of the strict conditions and complex application procedures. In order to ensure that the applicant meets the requirements for their application, it’s advised that applicants speak to an accredited immigration lawyer or licensed immigration agent. It is always possible to contact an established Migration agency in Melbourne called Pathway Education for proper guidance.

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