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The 491 skilled Work Regional Visa and Its Processing time?


For those with the skills to reside and work in the region of Australia This visa Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa subclass 491 is a visa that is provisional. On the 16th of November 2019 the Australian government created this category of visas. The earlier Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 489 was replaced by this visa.

The Subclass 491 is the most straightforward route to immigration since Australia is now the top destination for tourists from outside. It is now possible to be employed, settle and reside for a long time in Australia for up to five years through the help from this Visa.

What is the 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa?

A temporary visa, also known as the new regional skilled labour 491 Visa (Subclass 491 Visa) permits the families of those with skills to reside in, study, and work in certain areas of Australia.

The person applying for this visa needs to have the support of a relatives member that is permanent residents of Australia or be approved through the government.

There aren’t any extensions available to the skilled regional visa. Once you have three years completing the conditions, and if want to remain in Australia you are eligible to request an Australia permanent residence visa.

What is the Procedure for Applying?

To demonstrate your desire to apply for the visa, you need to first send your expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select. There is no cost to submit or establish an EOI in SkillSelect.in and it’s not an application for visa. By analysing the statements contained in your EOI Skill Select will calculate your point total. In order to be eligible for an application for a visa you must earn at minimum 65 points.

If you’ve indicated you’re interested in being recommended for consideration, the government of your state and territorial agencies will be able examine your EEO. You’ll be invited to apply for the visa, if they recommend that you apply.

The EOI is stored in Skill Select following completion and lasts for 2 years. If your circumstances change then log in to your EOI and change your details. You will receive an email from Skill Select in the event that you are chosen to apply for the visa. You will need to submit all the required documents to verify your identity, you’re the assessment of your skills, English proficiency, the relationship to your sponsor or partner and your moral character, as stated in your EOI to be eligible to be eligible for the visa.

Following the receipt of the invitation, you’ll have 60 days from the date to fill out a valid online visa application prior to when the invitation is due to expire.

2020-2021 Average 491 Visa processing time

Below is the most recent typical processing times:

  • 75% of applicants for visas under the class 491 (state nominal stream) take approximately 6 months. 90% of visa applications are completed in 8 months.
  • 75% of applicants for visas under the class 491 (family sponsor stream) require about 9 months. 90% of visa applications will take around 10 months.

The individual 491 Visa processing times will vary based on the particular circumstances of the applicant and the quality of the application made by Department of Home Affairs. Department of Home Affairs.

If you would like your visa application displayed in the best possible manner and quickly processed, we suggest contacting one of our expert registered migration agents.


Subclass 491 visa processing time has to be nominated or sponsored for the visa to be issued in Australia. Governments of states or territories can submit the application for a visa following that the expression of Interest (EOI) has been filed in Skill Select in the event that a person applying can earn higher points. The candidate can also mention the sponsor in their Expression of Interest in the event that it is from a family member that lives in an Australian region.

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