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A Perfect Guide for Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) Checklist


Here it was declared by the Australian Government back in the year 2013 as a good way to extend your stay in Australia. The Temporary Graduate Visa 485 in Australia ranges from 18 months to 4 years of living.   

Working Duration in Australia with Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485):

This visa is applicable only for international students who have obtained a graduation degree or above from an Australian university or institute not exceeding 6 months ago. These students can continue to live in Australia for anywhere between 2 to 4 years. 

The course of study is not less than 16 months. The academic study should minimally be for a period of 2 years in Australia for a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 or higher degree. 

Within these 2 years, you can obtain several qualifications that are, however, not important. A graduate degree permits students to stay up to 2 years and work in Australia. In case you have a Master, you can stay anywhere between 2-3 years based on what is your qualification. 

  •  Easily Applicable Process:

The Australian visa process is simple to comprehend, and ample information is available for the graduates. To apply for a postgraduate visa in Australia, candidates need to make an online application. Australia observes the working Student Visa plan, which has led to an easy application process. 

In the Australian process, if the student is attaining sponsorship, it should be within the family who will be able to give the student a positive profile. 

What is There to Know about Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

The Australian visa process requires the graduate to have certain documents to process the visa. The most crucial document is the Verification of Enrolment, which is supplied by the university emphasizing that you have taken place in a course and paid the stipulated fees. 

The Australian visa process brings four weeks to process after loading the application. The student can renew the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 multiple times for the duration of enrolment of the course. One can enter 90 days prior and stay for an extra month if the course is below 10 months. 

  • Work in Australia with Temporary Graduate Visa 485:

Australia offers a wide mixture of choices for postgraduate analyses. The respective universities offer different strengths and abilities, providing various bases for analysis for students. Australian Universities pride themselves on a healthy research base and shape of the art tools to their universities. 

This visa applies to those who are eligible for a work permit after they complete their studies in Australia but have lesser than a graduation degree in hand. Suppose you have recently graduated from a course relating to an occupation where there is a skill shortage in Australia. This visa allows multinational students to live, perform and research in Australia. 

  • Graduate Work Visa subclass 485:

For students who have finished 2 years of Australian schooling in the last 6 months before applying for this visa and have used it for skill assessment in the selected occupation on the Skilled Occupations List. 

There are respected teams that can help you take advantage of your Australian education by assisting you with your Temporary Graduate Visa 485 application. 

The respected groups are well performed with all aspects of this visa and can assist you in creating an application package with the highest chances of success.

  • Graduate Post-Study Visa subclass 485:

This is for learners who have passed for a bachelor’s degree or higher. This visa examines primarily at your academic certificates and does not require your occupation to be listed on the Skilled Occupations List.

Under both these visa types, you can live and work anywhere in Australia with your family, a study in Australia, and travel in and out of Australia as long as your visa is valid. 


The Subclass Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is for overseas students who have graduated recently from an educational institution in Australia. It allows you to work, study, and live in Australia upon fulfillment of your living. So better choose the choice of staying connected with a temporary visa in Australia. 

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