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professional year program australia

Opportunities to Study Professional Year Program


Australia is one of the best destinations for higher education in the world. The land is a hub for international students for top-class universities, modernised curriculum and highly qualified faculties and friendly environment and great weather throughout the year. Many students who are graduating from here are not aware of the professional year program.

A professional year program Australia is a nicely structured professional building program that combines formal learning and workplace experience. Professional year programs rums cover 12 months and are available in the field of accounting, computer science and engineering. These programs are dedicated for the purpose of skilling up the graduates for Australian industries.

Professional year programs are mainly for the students who want to take up permanent residency in Australia. This program allows students to build industry-specific skills by study and work experience. It makes them prepare for professional careers in the Australian workforce. The immigration and border protection department recognise programs that have been approved by the government.

In today’s time, there are not enough skilled workers in many important sectors in Australia. To make sure that the supply of skilled workers does not face a shortage in the fields of IT, engineering, accounting the professional year program Australia is developed. The department of immigration and border protection of DIBP has initiated the programs. 

Any international student who has graduated from an Australian university with a degree not less than two years can apply for the programs. The professional year program is approx. 44-week program which is divided into 32-week coursework and 12 weeks of Internship. It gives important knowledge and skills and is a real exposure to work in any Australian company.

There are Many Benefits Associated with Professional Year Program Australia

• It gives internship opportunities: 

There are many students who find face difficulty in finding jobs in a reputable company that is suitable for their own field. The professional year program makes things easier and opens many pathways for international students to get nice jobs. There are many prestigious institutes in Australia which provide guaranteed internships in the professional year program. Many of the candidates get a permanent position in companies after finishing this program. The internship can give you an excellent experience in your resume. It increases the chance of getting hired in any Australian company.

• Builds professional circle around you: 

The professional year program helps you in building professional and social environments. It can help you to meet plenty of professionals in their field of choice. It can give you a connection with the people who have the same interest and goals as you.

• Gives familiarity with Australian work environment: 

Every country and company has its own standards when it is to professional workplace and codes of conduct. The professional; year program allows people to know about how professional works in the Australian environment and how they keep up pace with the demand of work and life balance.

• Provides extra 5 points in permanent residency application:  

If you successfully complete the professional year program in Australia then it can help you with eligibility in case of permanent residency in Australia. If you are interested in applying for new opportunities in the land of Australia or want to settle in it then the professional year program can give you a better option.

The eligibility criteria required for professional year program:

If you want to qualify for professional year program then

  • You must complete an undergraduate or postgraduate program at an Australian university.
  • You need to apply or hold 485 visa
  • You must have evidence for a minimum of IELTS 6.0 in all bands.
  • Must have done skill assessment from a relevant professional profession.

These programs are extremely beneficial for students who want to complete a degree in Australia. You can grow up your skills professionally and can improve your chances of becoming a permanent resident in Australia.

Here are few professional programs that are recognised by Australian government:


1. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand skilled migration internship program: Accounting

2. Institute of public accounts skilled internship program for accounting

Computer science: the Australian computer society professional year program.


Engineers Australia professional year program.

Do proper research and enroll in any program to get an advantage for obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

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