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Study in Adelaide, Tasmania and Sunshine University for Overseas Students

The job industry has gone through a lot of changes in the past couple of years. The career path that was rising with demanding jobs has now been revised with many new advanced technological intricacies introduced in the relevant fields.

But in this ever-changing job market, there are courses in Australia for overseas students in industries like Information Technology, Chartered Accountancy and Engineering that never lose their place in the job market.

Pathway Education offers professional courses to study at Adelaide, Tasmania and Sunshine Universities for overseas students. If you are looking for a fulfilling and prospering career option, our professional year courses in Information Technology, Chartered Accounting and Engineering can prove to be one of your best choices.

With a great academic record and an experienced team of teachers and lecturers, we give you the opportunity to build your future in your own terms.
Moreover, if you opt for our professional year courses, you will also get the benefit of our expert team to guide you through the various visa processing services, migration procedures and also assist you with your travel tickets and accommodation in Australia.

The three major professional year courses to study in Adelaide, Tasmania and Sunshine for overseas students include:

1.Professional Year in Accounting

Our professional year in accounting is an internship program formally named as the Skilled Migration Internship Program. The program is designed to improve the prospects of International students to infuse a specialized skill in their career graph.

With a talented and knowledgeable team of lecturers and professors, the course is affiliated with the Institute of Chartered Accountant in Australia. This internship professional accounting program comes with various other benefits like:
Placement in a prestigious position in a renowned company at the end of the program tenure.
Improves your confidence level while taking in the later interview process
Though a professional course, it is quite cheap and delivers a glorious opportunity to stay and study at Adelaide University for overseas students.
Successful completion of a professional year course can gain you access to the path leading to getting a permanent residency in Australia.

2. Professional Year in Engineering

Approved by the Department of Home Affairs, the professional year in Engineering is one of the most in-demand courses in Australia for overseas students. Designed and developed by Engineering Education Australia, the professional year course in engineering handled by our experienced team of professional lecturers introduces every aspiring graduate into the world of engineering works.

Apart from highlighting your resume among others, it also brings you the opportunity to grow and develop a flourishing career path to study in Adelaide, Tasmania and Sunshine for overseas students.

Acquiring a completion certificate not only pushes you up the ladder to get a permanent residency in Australia but also exposes your skills and competency to numerous new paths you could opt with your experience, skills and knowledge.
Some of the benefits you acquire from our Professional Year in Engineering:
You can get a high salaried job in one of the prestigious engineering companies in Australia and worldwide
Placement programs help you gain immense exposure to various companies and their requirements under the same roof.
Cost-effective course packages that would not dig a hole in your overall education budget.
Skilled engineers are in high demand in Australia. It can fulfil your dream to work and stay in Australia with a high paying job.

3.Professional Year In Information Technology

Information Technology has proved to be a boon to the job market in Australia and all over the world. Opening up various new fields every day, a professional year course in Information technology can give your career the kick start it always required.

At, Pathway Education, we try to professionally connect and fulfil all your dreams and aspirations with your best interest in mind.

If you have made up your mind to study at Adelaide, Tasmania and Sunshine University for overseas students, you can select our professional year in the information technology program. It will not only help you reach your career goals but you will get numerous other advantages that one can hardly imagine.
Expose you to many IT-related jobs like cyber cell security, project management, etc.
Working in the IT industry you can gain immense skills to later migrate into various other opportunities and industries.
Your technical knowledge and skills is an add-on for your job interview
Travel the world with high-paying jobs in the IT industry

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