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What do you understand by GTE subclass 500 agent cheap australia - pathway education and visa servcies

Fulfill Your Dreams of Higher Education – Hire Pathway Education’s Visa Services to Pave The Success Path for You

Enrich Your Future Prospects – Enrol into Our Professional Programs in Engineering, IT and Accounting to grab your opportunity in securing a job placement as well as to gain those 5 points which is really important to gain your Permanent residency.

Want to go overseas for higher education? But getting an admission in a University of Australia (Melbourne and Gold Coast) seems to be a distinct dream extremely difficult to achieve? Here is the opportunity to full fill your dream right away.

Who is Pathway Education?

Pathway Education is a team of professional consultants and education agents who have been serving students, applicants and clients from various parts of the world to select the right career path and provide effective assistance in migration facilities.

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Why Choose Us?

Well, there are many companies who offer similar services like us. But when it comes to customer satisfaction, efficiency and dedication, Pathway Education stands out from the crowd. Founded on the basic bricks of honesty, integrity and dedication, we have built our reputation and recognition in the industry solely with our hard work and passion.

Your Success is always on our mind. So, when other company agents just help you get the right University, Institute or Course, we take a step higher and prepare you to face the upcoming future challenges head on.

If you are still doubtful, here a few things we excel in

Empowered with experienced and talented education counselors in the team, we are always available if you opt to discuss your future perspectives to study and live in Australia for international students.

Apart from educational consultation, we also have a dedicated team of associates and technicians who offer effective Visa services to study in Melbourne or Gold Coast for International Students as well as any state as per your wish.

offer both on-shore and off-shore admission services for admission in University at Melbourne and Gold Coast for International Students starting from diploma courses to masters level courses in Australia and Canada.

We also extend our specially designed and ACS approved professional year graduate courses for a handsome number of students in IT, Engineering and Accounting.

We have integrated with various schools, institutions and educational service providers in our years of service which helps us to provide you numerous choices to plan your program for higher study in Australia for International students.

Our extended migration services also include all types of related arrangements like travel itinerary and accommodations which makes your travel plans stress-free and effortless. Moreover, all our service packages come at affordable prices that would not burden your overall expenses and education budget.

What are the requirements for having an Australian Student Visa?

There are certain pieces of evidence, which you will need to provide once you are sitting for application of your subclass 500 Student Visa. These requirements suggested by top student visa service consultant in Melbourne involve:

The requirement for your English Proficiency:
If you do not belong to a country where English is spoken or haven’t completed your studies for at least five years in a country frequent with English, you will have to provide evidence for your English speaking skills up to a certain level of requirement.

Some of the tests that are included for providing your English speaking proficiency are –TOEFL iBT, IELTS, CAE (Cambridge Advanced English), and PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic. The cut-off scoring will depend on the type of course that you are opting for in Australia.

Requirement of Finance:
You will have to show evidence of having sufficient fund, which can cover your living cost and travel along with your tuition fees. The amount that you need to show proof for apart from your travelling expenses and tuition fees required in a year is AU$ 20,290.

If you have dependents along with you; you will have to provide proof of being able to cover their cost of living as well. You can show that your parent or spouse will be able to support you and can earn at least AU$ 60,000 in a year.

The requirement of Health:
Some of the students are asked to undergo a health check-up, which involves medical or radiological check to show that they are in good health. If you are asked to go through a health check-up, you must get it done from a doctor, who is approved by the immigration department of Melbourne, Adelaide, Sunshine, Gold Coast and Tasmania of Australia.

The requirement for Character Certificate:
If you are about to enter Australia through the subclass 500 Student Visa, you will have to show evidence for possessing a good character. This will ensure that you do not have any criminal record. You may have to present a Penal Clearance Certificate or get a statement issued by the Police. You will also have to complete the Character Statutory Declaration Form.

Why should you hire Pathway Education’s best business visa services in Australia - Australian employer nomination scheme

Our Services

Pathway Education is a licensed and trustworthy company who has gained knowledge and experience from the extensive services we have provided to students, applicants and clients over the years. At Pathway Education, we believe that choosing the right career course doesn’t just need proper consultation but also need the right guidance to reach their career goals.

So, if you are looking for the perfect course to study at the University of Melbourne and Gold Coast for International students, we offer you both educational consultation and Visa services to streamline your dream of higher education in a more convenient, stress-free and efficient manner.

Our Educational Services include

We assist you to take up a career course appropriate for you

We deliver trustworthy Migration services that are also the most affordable in the industry

Course Change:
Not happy with your current career path? Get the best advice from our education counselors to build a strong and exciting career.

Professional Year:
Designed for all international students, we offer affiliated and uniquely structured, professional year programs in IT, Engineering and Accounting to establish a stable career growth.

RPL Services:
Pathway Education takes immense pride to present ourselves as one of the leading RPL (Recognition Prior Learning) providers in the industry.

Health Insurance:
Shifting to Australia to study in the University of Melbourne and Gold Coast; International Students requires proper health insurance for you and your family. We get you the best health claims in the market.

We extend highly educative and quality courses for PTE/ NAATI to boost your academic skills and enhance your inner confidence to prepare you for the bigger battles at the universities.

Our Visa Services Include

Student Visa(Subclass 500)
Temporary Graduate Visa(Subclass 485)
Visitor Visa(Subclass 600)
Partner Visa
Skilled Independent Visa(Subclass 189)
Family-Sponsored Visa
Work Sponsored Visa

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