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Skilled Independent Visa

The complete guide to applying for a Skilled Independent Visa of Australia


Australia is a popular preference for those who want to make a fresh start in their lives. People from all over the world travel to Australia due to its high standard of living and abundant job opportunities. Although the process of gaining entry in to Australia isn’t always easy however, it is possible to get a Skilled Independent visa is an excellent choice for skilled workers who wish to reside and work for a long time in Australia.

The Skilled Independent Visa is one of the programs that is based on points. The visa is designed for those who are who are not sponsored by any territory or employer, nor a family member who lives within the country. This visa permits you to:

  • Work and live anyplace in Australia
  • Obtain Australian citizenship
  • Join the health insurance plan for public employees.
  • Family members with expertise to sponsor public relations.

Skilled Independent Visa Points Requirement

The visa is available only on invitation. To be eligible for invite, the applicant must

  • Complete this EOI form.
  • Employers who work in occupations listed in the Australia’s Skilled Occupations List.
  • You must not be older than forty-five years of age.
  • Are proficient in English proficiency
  • Meet the requirements of your personality and medical condition,
  • Reach the minimum cut-off score, which is 65.

Basis of Granting the Points:

The profile of yours will be rewarded points in accordance with the following criteria, based on the information contained by you in your EOI:

  1. Age Limit: Candidates must less than 45 years old and must be over 18 years old when they receive their Invitation to apply for this visa program.

  2. English language skills: The applicant must possess sufficient English language proficiency as assessed by your OET PTE, TOEFL or IELTS score.

  3. education: Educational points will be awarded based on your top qualifications compared to the applicable Australian qualification.

  4. Experiential Experience In the event that your experiences are relevant to job list, it could bring you points.

  5. Capabilities of Partners: The Australian government could consider the spouse’s or abilities partner’s when the awarding of an additional 5 points if your spouse:
  • If you are younger than 45 years of age,
  • is proficient in English proficiency,
  • was evaluated and discovered to possess skills that are associated with their profession of choice under SOL,
  • will accompany you to the country,
  • Are you not an Australian permanent resident a citizen of Australia.

Subclass 189 Visa Processing Time

After you receive the ITA After receiving the ITA, you’ll have 60 days to file to obtain a visa. When you apply for it after that, your Department of Immigration will begin processing your application. With 75 percent all applications the time required for processing the visa is eight months.

Subclass 189 Visa Application Procedure

The process for applying for visas comprises four steps. Let’s look at these steps in depth:

1. In order to validate the job you want to be in, the job must be formally assessed by an authority. The body that assesses you could take as long as three months before making the decision.

Step 2. If the assessor determines that you have a positive result then you need to send your Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Department of Home Affairs to submit a visa application.

Step 3. Following receipt of an Invitation to Apply (ITA) then you have to pay the visa fee, provide the required documents and pass medical and police screenings.

4. Once you have received the email, have to be able to enter Australia for your first time on the date that is specified to allow your visa to be activated.

If you’re looking you to be eligible for a skilled-independent visa in Australia read this article to get help.

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