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Recognition Of Prior Learning

Do you know that your life experiences, work expertise, knowledge and skills can actually become the catalyst to reduce the tenure of your ongoing degree course?

What is the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning is a process that involves the assessment of a person’s prior knowledge and learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) in Australia or overseas. RPL is issued by Recognised Training Organisations based on the assessment of an individual’s previous learnings that is equivalent to the learning outcomes of Australian Qualifications.
This credit reduces the number of learnings required to achieve a Nationally Recognised Qualification. May it be completed through Credit Transfer, Recognition of Prior Learning or advance standing.

RPL Assessment must be


The task is performed by an academic staff of an RTO with expertise in the subject with the required knowledge and skills.


Must provide authentic & sufficient evidence to validate their experience

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They should be able to recognize their knowledge, regardless of how the information was acquired, when it was acquired, or the location they acquired it.

Steps to Complete the RPL Process:


A pre-assessment or initial assessment is needed by our highly skilled consultants.


Identifying which documents/evidences are needed to finish the procedure.


Collecting the necessary documents to build a portfolio for the client.


Documents are sent to our Affiliated RTOs to be assessed for the first time to confirm the proficiency that the pupil has.


After our Affiliated RTO has assessed the competence of the student, it will be issued by the college.

The Goal of RPL

To value the skills of an individual and provide identical prospects for examining and acknowledging it, regardless of the time, location and method of getting the expertise and skills.

To assist lifetime understanding and adaptability between through the schooling process as well as in the job market.

Access to education is improved for those who are socially disadvantaged in order to improve their chances to pursue education and be competitive in the labour marketplace and help make individuals a useful source for the society.

RPL Qualification

The list of Nationally Recognised Qualifications offered by our partnered RTO’s.

RPL Qualification Checklist

100 Points ID

See below for more information.

Data Checklist Report

RPL Eligibility Checking

5 Easy steps to get Qualified

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