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Study in Adelaide, Tasmania & Sunshine for International Students

Study in Adelaide, Tasmania & Sunshine for International Students

Australia is a powerhouse of world-class universities that offer a vast range of courses in a variety of industries. So, if you are planning to opt for a career with higher studies, courses in Australia for International students could be one of the best choices for an established future.

We, at Pathway Education, inspire every aspiring student to study in Adelaide, Tasmania and Sunshine, Australia, for International students by taking the responsibility of your admission, visa and migration process while you concentrate on the fundamentals of building up your educational qualification and basic communication skills.

Migrating to Australia, especially when you are supposed to stay there for years, could be a really scary scenario. Starting from getting the right type of visa to arranging your accommodation, our experienced team of migration agents can deal with the toughest and most complicated migration issues with equal ease and expertise.

Why select us with your migration process to Australia?

Affordable Services:
Selecting a course for International students in Adelaide, Tasmania and Sunshine college is already quite an expensive affair. So, to release you of further stress, our migration services come at affordable prices that would not burden your travel and study budget.

Deals with Every Type of Visa Service:
We have an expert team of trustworthy migration agents who deals with every type of visa processing and other migration facilities like accommodation. We always try to serve you with the best possible service that would make your migration process comfortable, easy and stress-free.

Experience Always Matters:
We have handled hundreds of clients and faced many critical situations over the years. But every time, we have served with the same amount of honesty and gained immense experience in this field. As a result, our clients have always claimed to have received better service than they had expected.

Optimal Processing Time to study in International student courses in Adelaide College:
Making proper arrangements takes time. But with an expert team and a huge network of connections, Pathway Education processes your migration request to study in International student courses in Adelaide, Tasmania and Sunshine college in Australia, in the least time possible. Thus, you can easily bypass the consequences of delayed processing and prepare for your dream to become a reality perfectly on time.

Legal and Trustworthy Company:
In today’s world, there are many fraud companies that trick people by cheating and deceit. It is a usual possibility in processes that involve a substantial amount of money. Pathway Education is a certified and trustworthy company, who has been serving clients with sincere dedication and honesty for decades now.
Being one of the renowned names in Education consulting services, we ensure your dream to study in Adelaide, Tasmania or Sunshine university for International students becomes a reality with every step taken with proper legal authorization and documentation. We always take responsibility to make sure your educational journey is safe and free from any legal compliance in the future.

Documents Required to Commence Your Migration Process to Australia

Just like any other country, Australia too has some concrete norms for overseas students taking admission to Australian universities.

Some of the mandatory documents you essentially require to process your visa and migration request include:
Make sure to Keep your CoE safe with you
Your Health Insurance Certificate
Passport with enough validity to extend during your stay in Australia, to prevent the unwanted hassle of replacing an expired passport while studying there.
The offer and acceptance letter from your institute to present it as the Document Proof of Temporary Stay

Apart from these mandatory documents, to opt for a course in Australian students you should also keep yourself equipped with:
Identity proof like birth certificate
A Proof of your Finances that is supporting your course, like bank statement and other papers
Your Educational certificates to certify your quality and grades
Documents of Previous employment, contract, etc

Post Study Work Visa (485) - Study in Australia -Pathway Education & Visa Services

Our Various Types of Visa Programs

Migrating to a different country requires an appropriate and valid visa. We, at Pathway Education, understand that many people might just not be aware and comfortable getting the right information or procedure to get the right visa.

Thus, to save the trouble of running around places to get your migration validated with a travel or student visa, we have designed various individual programs that deal with various types of visas needed to travel, stay and study in Australia.
Student Visa(Subclass 500)
Temporary Graduate Visa(Subclass 485)
Visitor Visa(Subclass 600)
Partner Visa
Skilled Independent Visa(Subclass 189)
Family-Sponsored Visa
Work Sponsored Visa

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