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How to Apply for Student Visa?


It is always exciting to study abroad, especially when the university you will be studying at is in Australia. Universities of Australia are known for their numerous research programs, as well as the quality of the courses they are providing.

To come study in Australia is actually not that hard, all you need are two documents to become an international student in Australia. They are:

  • An enrollment letter from an education institution
  • A subclass 500 Student Visa

In this article, we will be discussing how can you apply for Best Student Visa Service in Adelaide Australia in detail.

What can I do with 500 Student Visa in Australia?

Let’s start by outlining the rights you own once the 500 Student Visa is issued. With this visa, you can:

  • Come to Australia
  • Travel from and to Australia unlimitedly within the valid period of your visa
  • Work for up to 20 hours per week
  • Bring a family member to Australia with you by including him/her in your visa application 

Am I Eligible to Apply for 500 Student Visa?

In order to be eligible to apply for Best Student Visa Service in Adelaide Australia, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must be enrolled in a full-time course of study, which is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students https://cricos.education.gov.au/
  • For your enrolled course, you need to provide a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter to confirm your enrolment.
  • You need to meet the minimum English skill-level requirement. This requirement varies depending on the type of course you are enrolled in. In general, you need to achieve at least 5.5 in IELTS or equivalent to meet the student Visa English language requirement. But you can also apply with a lower score by agreeing to attend the English language course provided for Oversea students.
    The detailed requirement description can be found here:
  • You need to be covered in adequate Health insurance, which is provided by an Australia health insurance provider, while you are staying in Australia
  • You need to have enough money to support your study and living cost in Australia
  • You need to meet the health and character requirement to apply for 500 Student Visa

What is the Step-By-Step Process to Apply for 500 Student Visa?

  1. You need to apply for this visa at least 6 weeks prior to the start date of your enrolled course.
  2. Gather all the necessary documents that can prove you are eligible to apply for 500 Student Visa (Please refer to the eligibility criteria above)
  3. When all of the required documents are ready, you can apply for the visa online through here https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/login and pay the application charge.
  4. After you have lodged your application online, you are still allowed to change the information in your application if your situation has changed.
  5. Once your application is processed, you will be notified of the application result. If the application is a success, you will be given your visa grant number as well as its valid period. If your application is refused, you will be given the reason for the application denial.


This article gives you an outline of the application process for Best Student Visa Service in Adelaide Australia. To apply for this visa, you first need to be enrolled into a full-time course provided by an Australian education institution. Then you need to gather all the documents that can prove you are eligible to apply for 500 Student Visa. These documents include but not limited to:

  • CoE letter
  • English skill test result
  • Health insurance
  • Evidence for financial support
  • Health and character report

Finally, you can apply for the visa online and wait for the result. But if you are still having trouble with anything involved in the Visa application, our Pathway Education and Visa Service’s registered immigration consultant are happy to help you out! You can also study professional year programs like:
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