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How to Apply For 485 Graduate Visa??


Introduction – 485 visa is a Temporary Visa for International students who have studied and stayed in Australia for 2 years or more. This visa allows candidates to study and work in Australia for a limited time. There are two streams of this visa that students can apply for depending on their degree. Graduate Stream visa is for international students who have studied for two years in Australia and their course is in the occupation list that Australia needs.

The other one is Post-Study-Work stream, this visa is for candidates who have finished their doctoral or research degree and wish to reside in Australia longer. One can only apply for this visa if they are residing in Australia.

The length of stay with this visa depends on the coursework completed by the applicant. Bachelor and Master degrees can get stay up to two years of stay but someone who have research or doctoral degree can get 3 – 4 years of stay.

Hongkong passport holders have up to five years of stay with this visa.  

Eligibility – In order to be eligible for the 485 visa there are few criteria that one must meet in order to apply for the visa. Outlined below are the criteria before applying for 485.

  • Must be 49 years old or under.
  • Have been on a valid student visa for at least six months
  • The course is a CRICOS registered
  • Must meet the English Language Test

Required Documents- Most of the visas requires lot of documents to support your visa, however this visa is straight forward and simple.

  • Course completion letter from the Institute one completed their studies from.
  • Valid Identification documents
  • Police check from Australian Federal Police Check for the character assessment of an individual. However, on request Immigration might request for police check certificate from home country, depending on the case.
  • Health Insurance cover or evidence of arrangements of health insurance from the selected provider.
  • 485 have an added advantage for the applicants because with this visa one can bring their partner or dependent child. Proof of marriage certificate, identity documents and character assessment are also required from dependent.
  • Proof of English Proficiency Test (IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL, C1).

Applicants can either apply directly through Immigration website or can assistance from our expert migration agent to make the process easier and faster. Generally, the application process for this visa can take up to four to five months, but that solely depends on case by case basis.

Please visit the following page in order to book an appointment https://www.pathwayeducation.com.au/appointment/

Summary – 485 visa is quite beneficial for the applicants who wish to migrate to Australia with the occupation that is need in Australia. The length of time allows one to take the required steps to prepare for PR.

Pathway Education and Visa Services have all the required services that one looking for. From student visa to migration, we provide assistance in all the sectors.

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