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How Do I Obtain a 186 Visa Through the Direct Stream in Australia?


The 186 The 186 Visa (Direct Entry) through the direct entry stream is a type of work visa which can only be obtained if are nominated. The person you nominate as your sponsor must satisfy certain requirements in order to allow the Department to grant you a visa with direct admission stream.

How Do I Obtain a 186 Visa Through the Direct Stream?

If you meet the following eligibility criteria you are granted an A186 visa (Direct Entry) by direct method:

  • Your profession is classified as skilled occupations (see the complete listing on this page).
  • You should have at minimum three years of work experience in the field.
  • You need an official work permit either registered or be an active member of a professional association (if appropriate).
  • You must be able to pass an excellent skills assessment.
  • A sponsor from Australia has chosen you as a nominee.
  • You are below the age of 45.

Skills Evaluation

A report on the talent evaluation is essential for direct entry stream. Authorities in charge of the test within the section of skilled jobs and you have to make contact with the appropriate authorities to get a skill assessment.

Your assessment of your skills should be up-to date at time of your application. If the authority responsible for your assessment offered your evaluation did not contain an expiry date, your exam will remain valid for three years after the date of its issue.


When you satisfy the following requirements then you are exempt from the requirements for age as well as the skill evaluation and requirements for work experience:

  • We are nominated in the name of an Australian university for a job in the academic field, i.e., university professor or head of faculty at the Academic level B C, D and E.
  • A Australian government agency for science and technology recommended us for a researcher, scientist or technical professional.
  • You were employed for at minimum two years (excluding paid leave) within the three years preceding you applied for your visa, and currently have either a visa 444 or visa number 461.

Checklist of Documents for the 186 Visa Direct Entry Stream

For your 186 visas (direct entry), you’ll require these documents

  • A duplicate of the pages that contains all your personal information.
  • A national identification card (if applicable).
  • Documents attesting to the change of your name.
  • A valid license, membership card as well as professional membership is required.
  • In the event that you’re a health professional (doctor) and you are a doctor, you need to show the following evidence provided from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency:
  • Medical registration may be general or conditional.
  • Registration as a conditional specialist allows you to practice your specialty without any additional supervision or training in your field of expertise.
  • When you’re a barrister or solicitor, you need to provide evidence of your right to practice law in Australia.
  • Documents that prove your capabilities and skills (CV or diplomas, certificates etc.)
  • Evidence that you are exempt from assessments of your skills, age and work experience standards.
  • Documents that show your mastery of English the language.
  • Assistance forms:
  • Form 956a
  • Form 956
  • A proof of your character.

Direct Stream Application Process for 186 Visa (Direct Entry)

To start with your request for Natural Entry stream you need to comply with the following steps:

  • You’ve nominated.
  • The TRN will be sent directly to the sponsor.
  • Your nomination accepts.
  • You can apply for Direct Entry 186 Visa (Direct Entry)

You Make an application for the 186 Visa (Direct Entry) Stream

Once you have your nomination approval then you can start the process of applying via ImmiAccount. All documents that are essential must be scanned or photographed are ready to be uploaded. Electronic versions of these documents should conform to the guidelines of the Immigration Office.

If you fail to submit your application within six months from the date your sponsor’s nomination is approved the visa application will be denied. Be aware that your application will not be considered complete until you’ve paid the full cost of the visa in your ImmiAccount.

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