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How can I Move to Australia and get Australian citizenship?


Many options exist to How to obtain Australian citizenship. A permanent resident visa could be the first step and allows you to be a resident, worker and student without restrictions within the country while you are in this visa. While you cannot vote or be a candidate for the office of a government official or any other position permanent residents need visas from legitimate authorities before they can be able to return to the country.

Permanent residence visas can be sought by relatives as well as migrants or people seeking asylum. The status of accreditation is crucial to determine when looking in the best migration agency experts in Australia.

Australian citizenship Advantages

The citizens of Australia enjoy a variety of advantages of their residency. Here’s a listing of some:

  • In Australia there is no limit to work, travel, and live.
  • Contact Australian Embassy overseas to get assistance with diplomatic issues.
  • You can work for either the military or the government in Australia.
  • You can either run for office or vote during elections of the Parliament.
  • In addition to signing in for the state/territory as well as the federal registers of voters, you could also be required to serve as a juror in a court of law.

General Requirements to get Australian Citizenship

Let’s look at the how to get Australian Citizenship Let’s look at how to get Australian Citizenship and the benefits it offers? People over 18 who wish to apply for Australian Citizenship typically require:

  • Have achieved citizenship (unless you are over 60)
  • At the time of the application and at the time of the decision, you must be a permanent residence.
  • The residency requirement is met
  • Expect to be living in Australia at present or in the future, or to maintain an intimate relationship with Australia.
  • Morally upright.

Residency Necessary

Adults who came to Australia legally on or after July 1 July 2007, must have resided in Australia for a minimum of four years prior to making an application for Australian Citizenship. This includes:

  • Twelve months of living as an inhabitant for a permanent residence
  • A calendar year’s absence from Australia
  • Absences from Australia within the twelve months prior to application, which didn’t exceed three months.

Citizenship Test

When you apply for Australian citizenship, it is necessary to take a test to determine if your personal eligibility criteria. Individuals who fall into other categories, for instance, those who are younger than 18 or over 60, or those who suffer from a severe loss of speech, hearing, and/or vision are not taking the test.

The Australian citizenship test is designed to assist prospective citizens to understand Australia’s

  • Values
  • Traditions
  • History
  • National symbols

To fully take part fully in Australian community as an individual and to take advantage of the opportunities offered to you, it is essential to be able to pass the test. It promotes social cohesion and a successful reintegration of communities.

For the test to pass to pass the test, you must:

  • Being a permanent resident of Australia
  • You will need to be able to prove your identity to the department during the registration process.
  • The department has the right to take photos of you, or to provide one of your own.

Australian Citizen Privileges

As an Australian citizen gives you the right:

  • Inhabit Australia
  • Find the Australian passport and then travel out and then back into Australia without needing the residency return Visa.
  • If you are abroad, call Australian diplomatic Missions to get assistance.
  • Work for the government
  • Participate in the military.
  • All children that you have were born outside of Australia before you became citizens should be recognized as Australian citizens through descent.
  • Go for the House
  • The Parliamentarians are elected by the popular vote.

Australian Residents” Obligations

Citizenship is a responsibility too. For illustration, citizens must:

  • Respect Australian law
  • If needed, safeguard Australia
  • If you are called to be a juror Do so.
  • Participate on the state, federal and territorial electoral rolls.
  • Participate in voting.


The process of obtaining Australian Citizenship isn’t difficult as long as you comply with all rules and regulations. Before applying, check out the entire information on the official website of the department.

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