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Skill Assessment for Engineering Skill Assessment for Engineers in Australia best cheap preovider agent - patwhay education

Skill Assessment for Engineering

If you are an Engineer looking for an opportunity to enhance your career development, then Australia can offer you an invariant scope to grow in your desired employment sector. But before you lodge an application for a migrating visa, you will need to clear a skill assessment for Engineers in Australia.

Pathway Education being one of the best visa processing and migration service provider can provide you the necessary aid to qualify for the skill assessment requirement for engineering. Our team of consultants can guide you through the process, the mandatory eligibility requirements and the necessary preparation and readiness steps to clear the assessment at the first go.

List of Occupations in Australia that require strict skill assessment for engineering

Engineering Manager (ANZSCO Code 133211)
Chemical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233111)
Materials Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233112)
Civil Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233211)
Geotechnical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233212)
Structural Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233214)
Transport Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233215)
Electrical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233311)
Electronics Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233411)
Industrial Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233511)
Mechanical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233512)
Production or Plant Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233513)
Mining Engineer – excluding Petroleum (ANZSCO Code 233611)
Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233612)

Aeronautical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233911)
Agricultural Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233912)
Biomedical Engineer (ANZSCO Code233913)
Engineering Technologist (ANZSCO Code 233914)
Environmental Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233915)
Naval Architect (ANZSCO Code 233916)
Telecommunications Engineer (ANZSCO Code 263311)
Telecommunications Network Engineer (ANZSCO Code 263312)
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson (ANZSCO Code 312311)
Telecommunication Field Engineer (ANZSCO Code 313212)
Telecommunications Network Planner (ANZSCO Code 313213)
Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist (ANZSCO Code 313214)

Ways of skill assessment for engineers in Australia

Practically there are two ways the applicant can go for the skill assessment. They are
Accredited Qualification
a) In this way, the candidate needs to present proper evidence as proof of their professional qualification.
b) An applicant needs to include an academic transcript of the degree qualification they have earned.
c) It must be an Australian Engineering Qualification or.
d) If its an overseas qualification, it must be recognized through a formal agreement with Engineering Accreditation bodies of other countries.

However, if you have an overseas engineering qualification, you can opt for any of the two skill assessment pathways:
a) The Washington Accord: for an undergraduate professional engineering degree.
b) The Sydney Accord: for Engineering technologist Degree courses.

Non-Recognized Qualification:
a) In this process, it is mandatory to submit a Competency Demonstration Report.
b) The report must comprise of your attained qualification, the engineering knowledge and experience you hold and how the competency standards of the specified engineering categories in Australia have been fulfilled.

English Language Competency Test Requirement in the Skill Assessment for Engineers in Australia

To qualify for the skill assessment for engineering the candidates must show the specified level of command over the English language. To display their competency, the applicant has to score the optimal allotted cut-off marks in each individual test. A combination of all the three test results will be considered to match the eligibility of the applicant to clear the skill assessment.
They are


The candidate must score a minimum point of 6 in each of the modules in the IELTS exam for English Language proficiency.


The applicant must acquire at least a minimum score of 12 in the listening section, 13 in the reading module, 21 in writing and 18 in speaking.

➤ PTE Academic

In the PTE Academic, the candidate is considered eligible only when the minimum score he/she acquires is 50 in each of the required sections.

Mandatory Documents required during application for the skill assessment for engineering

Identity Proof(Passport Bio Page or Detailed Birth Certificate).
Recent Passport sized Photographs.
Change of Name (if any).
Qualification Evidence (Award Certificate, Academic Transcript).
Employment Evidence(Salary Slip, Joining Letter, Taxation Records, certificates, prizes, License and registration Documents if self-employed).

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