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Expert Advice on the Latest Changes to Australia's Pathways to Permanent Residency

Expert Advice on the Latest Changes to Australia’s Pathways to Permanent Residency


The Australian government passed a set in March, 2022 that opened a new route to permanent residence for skilled people who worked and lived within Australia in the course of COVID-19 outbreak. The Australian government has specifically allowed Subclass 482 visa holders from this short-term stream of visas to apply to Get PR in Australia via the Subclass 186 Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) visa. Foreigners who had 457 visas, but are now able to apply for 482 visas are eligible for permanent residency, too.

The following are the key highlights of Australia’s visa changes:

The changes regarding Temporary Skills Shortage Visas were made public through Australia’s Australian government.

Temporary skills shortage visas and Temporary Graduate Visas and Work holiday maker visas have all undergone changes.

These important developments open up new possibilities for permanent residency.

Workers with these qualifications could find it simple applying for Australian permanent residence.

Changes to Australian Visas in the Upcoming Fiscal Year

In Australia the new fiscal year starts the 1st of July. This year, the government announced changes to three types of visas, which will facilitate temporary residents to be eligible for permanent residence in Australia.

If you are planning to move into Australia during the fiscal year, or you’re the Best Australian Migration agent working in Australia seeking permanent residence You can avail of these possibilities.

These are the most significant distinctions between these visas

Visas to cover temporary shortages of skills

Graduate visas are for a short duration

Visas for vacationers on work

Skilled Workers Can Get PR in Australia

Subclass 482 visa Subclass 482 visa type is known as the temporary skilled Shortage visa that permits firms to hire a highly qualified foreign employee to fill a job that is not filled by an Australian candidate. Subclass 482 visa Subclass 482 visa has many “streams,” including short and mid-term streams and the labour agreement stream each of which allows the foreign national to reside as a worker for a specific period of time in Australia.

According to the statement of the government, Subclass 482 visa holders of this short-term stream are expected to be eligible be eligible to seek permanent residence through the Subclass TRT visa 186 beginning July 1st 2022. To be eligible for as a candidate, the person must meet the following criteria:

Have the Subclass 482 visa, which is the primary visa holder for the chosen profession, or have a Bridging visa granted upon submitting an application for the Subclass 482 visa.

Have spent at minimum one year at least 12 months in Australia Between February 1, 2020 until December 14, 2021.

They currently work in the specified job for the employer they nominate.

Worked or plan to be employed in their chosen field at full-time for their employer for three consecutive years during the last four years.

This new visa program gives the possibility of permanent residency for those who converted between the 457 Skilled Worker visa and moved to the temporary 482 Skill Shortage Visa prior to that visa withdrawn on April 18 17th, 2017.

Every candidate for permanent residency must also meet additional qualifications, for example, English proficiency, not being older than 45 years of age (or exempt from the age limit) and possessing a strong character, and good physical health.

Certain Visa Types Are Excluded

The new program is expected to offer a path to permanent residency for a lot of previously not eligible foreigners but it does not make any special arrangements for people who are not holders of Subclass 482 visas. For instance, foreign citizens who hold Subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visas that allow foreign nationals to remain in Australia temporarily for certain types of work, aren’t eligible under the scheme.


The Australian government plans to implement the changes made in the previous financial year. The government is opening new avenues for foreign candidates as well as temporary resident to Get PR in Australia. This will give substantial boost to the country’s economy development, which has been greatly hampered by the impact of the pandemic.

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