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Australia Immigration Consultants

Do Investment and Purchase Assets in Australia


Australia is popular for its lifestyle and its real estate market. And that’s what makes Australia popular in investments. It is a substantial way to invest in either commercial residential real estate and build wealth in Australia. 

And on this point, The Australian government grants business investment visa options for foreigners to come and invest in Australian properties. However, it is not that easy to buy an investment property with an Australia Immigration Consultants. But there is a wide area open to investing internationally and domestically! 

There are strict rules imposed by the Australian government on purchasing assets when you have a business migration visa.

How can you buy a property with a business migration Visa in Australia? 

So are you ready to invest in the beautiful land of Australia? Foreign investors can purchase in these types of lodgings: 

New buildings: New buildings in Australia are generally approved and foreigners can invest in them. 

Established homes: Well, in these types of lodges, foreigners can only buy dwellings if they wish to demolish them and then replace them with a greater number of houses. For example, If I buy a house and then demolish it and convert them into two townhouses. Only in this condition, I can purchase a house in established dwellings. 

If you are looking for a home to live in, then you can surely invest in a home. You can own it until you leave it or you become a permanent resident of Australia. 

Vacant Land: You can invest it in the vacant land only if you plan to complete the building within the span of four years. The Australian government approves investing in vacant land to foreigners only on this condition! 

Now that you have gone through which properties you can be investing in being a business migration visa holder in Australia, Let’s walk through how can you invest in the beautiful structures of Australia! 

Get the help of the Australian Holding Company! 

This is the most favorable option for any foreigner to invest in Australia. The corporate trust agencies are the most trusted companies in Australia, and they offer attractive tax rates on worldwide income. 

You can also contact the top real estate agents in Australia. They have a well-established network through which they can get you the best place to invest in Australia. You can also take your partner with you to Australia on Partner Visa Australia.

Direct Ownership

The Australian government offers a great concession and tax exemption to foreign investors. You can contact directly and get certain assets related to Australian established business operations 

Contact An Australian unit trust 

An Australian Unit Trust provides a number of tax benefits for passive investment activities. 

The unitholders are normally responsible for the trust’s income tax liability. This tax liability is normally handled for foreign shareholders through the Australian withholding tax system on distributions made by the trustee. 

Wrapping up! 

So, Are you ready to dive into the ocean of the investment markets in Australia? Make sure you choose the right location to invest in that has the potential for capital growth, is in high demand, and has a maximum appeal. We hope you get the best out of your investments with our Australia Immigration Consultants.

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