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Diploma in Social Work Course

How to Apply for a Diploma in Social Work in Australia?


Four of Australia’s 50 universities are ranked among the world’s top universities. Adolescent, children’s services, family, neuropsychiatric, and mental health services are among the specialisations available in this postgraduate degree. In Australia, the average tuition expense for a master’s degree in social work is 20,000 EUR per year.

Why should You Pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work in Australia?

It is both an academic and a commercial field of study that deals with a person’s mental health. Master’s in diploma in social work course provides expert assistance for well-being. Masters in social work graduates can work in a variety of healthcare settings, notably NGOs, psychiatric clinics, and hospitals. These graduates serve as advocates for society, seeking solutions to social issues.

Postgraduates in human services can petition for an Australian migration visa through the Australia Association of Social Workers after graduating from any university in Australia. The certification test for health and social care graduates is administered by this authority.

Over the last five years, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for qualified social workers throughout Australia. Thus, according to Occupational Ceiling’s research, 1562 jobs require social workers. Only 72 of these locations have social workers on staff. Only 4.6 percent have skilled professionals due to a professional shortage.

MTSSL stands for Master of Social Work (Medium- and Long-term Strategic Skill List). So, with a minimum of 10.5 points and a passing score on the AASW talent assessment test, permanent resident status in Australia is a breeze.

Admissions to Australia’s Top Universities for Masters in Social Work

The timeline for completing and submitting procedures is comparable at most organizations. When participating in a course programme, applicants must be aware of the application deadlines for Australian universities.

Cost of Study vs. Salary Package for a Master’s in Social Work in Australia

The cost of a master’s degree in diploma in social work course Australia is shown in the graph below to be significantly less than the cost of a master’s degree in social work at other well-known universities throughout the world. Graduates working in various mental health areas in Australia can choose from a variety of masters in social work programmes.

The average annual salary package is shown in the graph. If a master’s degree holder in social work begins working in Australia, he will be able to repay his school loan in 4-5 years. With the expansion of the industry, the wage package will increase as well. So, a masters in social work graduate can make up to AUD 110000 per year in 4-5 years.

Now comes the question of why, despite the hefty tuition prices, applicants choose Curtin University. Despite the fact that the course tuition is more than those of the other colleges mentioned, students have the opportunity to work with children and in correctional facilities throughout the programme. The university emphasises a hands-on approach to education. In the long term, students can earn more money at this university than at the other institutions indicated.

Scholarships for Masters in Social Work in Australia

Foreign student sponsorships in Australia are available to researchers’ masters in social work due to high academic expenses. Scholarships for international students are available at Australia’s best universities.

Scholarships are available for students seeking a master’s degree in diploma in social work course Australia. 

Aside from that, students can apply for scholarships specially designed by colleges. Because of its broad scope, the latter has a greater competitive rate of obtaining scholarships. Before applying for a scholarship, the applicant must thoroughly research the scholarship rates and durations.

Job Prospects for Masters in Social Work in Australia Across Sectors

After completing a master’s degree in social work in Australia, the number of professionals can work in recruiting organisations that provide social assistance in a variety of sectors. Because of Australia’s booming economic framework, finding jobs for international students is easy. 

Individuals can get aid from social workers to improve their mental health. The graph depicts the biggest demand for social workers in the healthcare sector. Masters in Social Work graduates can work in a variety of roles in the healthcare field, including social assistance, diversional therapists, midwives, occupational therapists, family counsellors, psychotherapists, and many others. The healthcare business is looking for skilled social workers to help it expand quickly.


Graduates who have completed a master’s degree in diploma in social work course Australia are entitled to join the AASW as a professional practitioner. Graduates are permitted towards becoming certified professionals after completing the certification. Students can also post updated resumes on several online job sites such as SEEK, INDEED, and others.

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