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Complete Guide: How to Apply for Visa Extension Australia?


Although the process for applying for a visa isn’t easy, it should be completed in the exact manner. If you’d like you could extend the validity of your Australian students’ visa continue studying to learn what you have to do to remain in Australia and keep enjoying your time in Australia!

In the end, students who study in Australia need to either reapply, or get a student application for visa extension. Students applying for visa extensions in Australia or applying for an extension of their visa to Australia are routine procedures that students have to go through in order to keep their studies going in Australia.

In Australia the process of renewing students’ visas comes with limitations, strict requirements and a heightened scrutiny for foreign students. This article provides some light on Australia students applying for visa Extension as well as the required information.

There are four situations in which you may need to extend your visa:

  • A comprehensive research application
  • New research field
  • You’ve already submitted your postgraduate thesis, however, you’re the thesis will be cancelled before graduation ceremony is completed.
  • Course has been delayed for any reason, and your visa is due to expire prior to the time you complete.

Australia’s student visa extension requirements

To apply for visa extension to Australia applicants need to request the renewal of their Coe in the event that their course of study and duration alter. They should also examine the conditions of their visa and the amount of time they must devote to applying for an extension of their student visa in Australia as well as waiting on confirmation. In addition, certain documents are required for renewing an existing student’s visa to Australia the majority are personal and cover applicants:

  • Certificate of Birth
  • Identity page of the passport (i.e., each page that has a visa sample and visa stamp)
  • To Indian citizens with a valid national identification card, such as An Aadhar Card, Pan Card or Voter ID is required.
  • Documents proving the registration of a household
  • A CV that is up-to-date and has been accepted by any local authorities within the country where you reside.
  • Certificate of Marriage (applicable only for married applicants)
  • Policy Number of the OSHC
  • Proof of funds to reside and study in Australia
  • New issuance for enrolment Confirmation (Coe)

Recent Visa Changes

Australia has no automatic renewal for the student visa. If, however, your visa is due to expire and you are unable to return to home or your program is extended, you’ll require an excuse to stay lawfully in this country.

How can I apply for an extension of my student visa in Australia?

Students may apply for Visa extensions to their visas under three conditions during their studies in Australia. The three conditions are:

Step 1: Prior to submitting an application for an extension of student visa in Australia to request a fresh Coe.

Step 2: The applicants need to make sure that their OHSC is extended in line with the validity in their application for a visa.

Step 3: Keep an inventory of all the documents needed for the extension of student visa in Australia. Look through the list of the documents needed to complete the Australia applicant for a student visa.

Step 4. Inbox your email for biometrics and respond within 14 days after receiving the notification to avoid missing submissions.

Step 5: Applicants who are seeking the renewal of their student visa in Australia have to pass an exam for their health. This is accomplished through an HAP Id created for each person on Immi portal and then handed in at the time of the health examination. The medical records are given promptly to Department of Home Affairs.

Step 6: Ensure that you have a visa application prior to your trip to Australia (either request a fresh one if you’re eligible or ask for extensions). Bridging visa holders will also be allowed to enter Australia.

Step 7: Apply for a student visa extension to Australia and keep an eye on changes. Avoid these mistakes to avoid students being denied a visa in Australia.

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