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Teaching as Career in Australia

Things to consider before Choosing Teaching as a Career in Australia


The teaching profession is filled with individuals who have made their move down to Australia. In 2015, a record by the AAAS or Australia’s Council for staff in Educational Research in Australian Schools found that five percent of preliminary school teachers and six percent of teachers of secondary schools are foreigners.

If the individual is thinking about moving to complete a bachelor of teaching in Australia and to be a teacher in Australia, here are the things they require to know.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Bachelor of Teaching in Australia

  • Visa requirements and qualification to be a teacher in Australia

Each territory and state in Australia authorize its system of education. So, the individual needs to tick the particular requirements of the territory or state where they want to teach. Generally, they will require a working visa or an education visa for an Australian college or university teaching qualification such as a bachelor of teaching in Australia. Individuals will also be required to have their teaching skills valued by the Institute for School and Teaching Leadership of Australia.

The Visa Bureau of Australia will assist individuals in working out if they are eligible for the teaching profession in Australia. And on top of that, the Migration Bureau will let them take a free-of-cost assessment to realize which visa category they are eligible under. The good side is tutoring is on the skilled professional chat, and this should permit the individual to qualify for an appropriate migration visa.

The individual may also have to go under a check for criminal record and an examination of their skills in the English language.

  • Tutoring in Australia Conditions and Salary

First and foremost, the salary rates can vary across the territories and states of Australia. A fresh teacher can get between 65,608 dollars and 69,000 dollars or around 40,000 pounds and 42,000 pounds, depending on which territory or state the individual teaches in.

For instance, for the school year beginning from January first of the Year 2022, a new tutor in New South Wales can have an initial salary of 65,608 dollars while another teacher in the Northern States starts on 69,801 dollars.

  • The Syllabus

Australia is focusing on a national syllabus which is in its initial stages. It is being controlled by numerous schools and is being constructed progressively. The organization accountable for this is the ACARA or Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority of Australia.

According to this Australian authority, this development aims to generate a final syllabus in Science, Mathematics history, and English that equips each young student of Australia with the indispensable capabilities, knowledge, and skills to thrive and adjust to the globalized world.

  • How the System of Education Works

Individuals should Make sure that they understand the education system in Australia before completing a bachelor of teaching in Australia and applying for any teaching jobs. Almost two-thirds of kids go to government schools, even though 19 percent are still in Catholic schools and 15 percent in private schools.

Schooling starts with the preliminary year, followed by twelve years of preliminary and secondary schooling. In the last year of secondary school, learners can study for a certificate endorsed by the government of Australia that is authorized for further education by every training institute, university, and vocation education in Australia.

The academic period is split into 4 phases from late January to December. School hours are typically from 9 AM to 3.30 PM each day.

  • The 1st term starts from late January till Easter. Then the schools have a two-week holiday break.
  • The 2nd term starts from Easter till late June. Then the schools have a 2-week break for holidays.
  • The 3rd term begins from early July till late September. Then the schools have another 2-week break for holidays.
  • The 4th term starts in early October till late December. Then the schools are closed for five whole weeks during the winter holidays.

Wrapping up

When the individuals are applying for drops, they should clearly outline their eligibility, such as bachelor of teaching in Australia, which is a well-known institute degree, a year of passing out, and the name of qualification. Explains their teaching experience involving the referee’s name, school dates, grade levels taught, and their subject.

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