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Are you planning a Trip for Australia? Tips to Get Your Tourist Visa


An Australian tourism visa can be one of the most essential requirements for travelling to Australia. Tourists from nations recognized as a recognized nation are eligible for this Visa to travel to Australia to enjoy a vacation or, in rare instances to visit relatives or friends in Australia. The category 600 tourist visa for Australia is offered to Indian citizens. The Visa is valid for a period of three months.

Finding the most suitable accommodation for your travels and deciding on the places you are able to visit within the time you’ve been given along with establishing an itinerary and getting the proper visas, are just some of the numerous factors to consider when making a plan for a trip, specifically one that is outside of your country.

Things to know About Getting Your Tourist Visa

·         Obtaining a Visa:

No matter how long you intend to stay for it is essential to apply for and receive the correct Visa to Australia from India prior to leaving.

The Visa could take a while It is recommended to have a buffer time to account for and submit your application for the Visa ahead of time since the time to process will be contingent upon a number of aspects, such as whether your applications and documents supporting them are properly filed, how quickly your response to inquiries for additional details, whether it’s high season for travel, etc.

·         Travel Tips:

Because of its position within the Southern hemisphere Australia is subject to seasons that are different from the northern hemisphere.

·         Budget Carefully:

It’s easy to get overboard the limits when you travel, so be sure to consider all aspects when preparing your budget for vacation.

·         Flight Flights

You need to purchase return tickets prior to getting the visa.

·         Obtaining An Indian Visa for Australia

It is a given that obtaining the right visa is crucial for planning a trip to Australia. There is a risk of getting confused by the myriad of visas that are available, each having the varying eligibility requirements.

This is a brief guide to the application process, the needed documents, application fees as well as other information to apply for applying for an Australia visa application for Indian citizens to help get the most out of the requirements and help you plan the next steps.

·         The Visa Type

There are numerous Australian visas that are available to Indian individuals, with different cost based on the purpose of the visit. The visitor visa, which is subclass 600, has to be obtained outside of Australia in case you are an individual traveling for tourism.

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa to Australia from India and the Costs?

Based on the kind of Visa you’re requesting Costs for tourist Visa for Australia may vary significantly with respect to Indian rupees. In the event of the Australia visiting Visa that originates from India Costs could vary based on your request stream.

In general, it is the case that it is the case that Australian Best Immigration Agent Authorities charge 150 AUD for the tourist visa. However, this amount can change.

Documents Required for Indian Citizens to Apply for a Tourist Visa for Australia

The required paperwork is required to prove the Indian applicant’s eligibility to apply for the Australian visa. The following documents must be provided for your application:

  • Passport: In the event of a request, this must have validity for at minimum six months. Passport pages should be presented in colour scans.
  • Coloured Photograph: A well-centered, coloured 35 mm x 45 mm image including a head cover of at minimum 30 mm in height is required.
  • Cover letter: A thorough explanation of your purpose and goals.
  • Proof of Finances: Six months value of statements on a bank or checking account, pay stubs or similar documents that show your capacity to meet your financial needs during your time in Australia
  •  Proof of Return: This might be your return ticket, evidence that you have substantial assets in India A letter from your employer or institution, school or college or proof that you have relatives living in India.
  • Character Proof: A current police character certificate issued by the appropriate station.
  • ITR: documents that verify the filing of your Income tax returns.
  • The National Identity card that includes PAN and Aadhaar


Before you travel to Australia Before you travel to Australia, make sure to be aware of this advice.

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